Are you tired of staring into bountiful fields of wheat as your desktop background? Getting bored of far off vistas backdropped by the golden tear of a sun? Get rid of them all, I say, and in its place, how about a limping man with half of face removed from his skull or how about the the twisted ruins of an empty New York City?

Oh yeah, baby. Give the gift of the apocalyptic dead to your computer. Feel free to peruse these wallpaper galleries, and do yourself a favor, and check back every now and then. Galleries will be added in time.

NOTE TO PUBLIC: These are image I have collected across the web from various sources. I do not own the rights to these images. If you wish to use an image in your own project, you will need to contact the original artist. Unfortunately, I do not know the artists’ names so you will need to do some detective work.

NOTE TO ARTISTS: If any of the work in this gallery is your own, please contact me so I can get your name, web site, and the title of the artwork. If you would like me to remove your work from the gallery, just contact me through the site and let me know which image I should take down.

Apocalyptic Visions

In this collection, you won’t find the dead, but you will find the wasted cities that they might inhabit. Enjoy your stroll through the desolation, just make sure to keep an behind you at all times.

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The dead never cease their hunt for warm meat. In this gallery, you will see various different zombies to fix on your desktop, just don’t lose yourself in the images, for the footsteps behind you may not be what you think.

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