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Zombieland Streaming on Netflix Now

Many thanks to Ben for sending this over. There’s probably a very good chance that if you are reading this blog post right now, then you have already seen Zombieland sometime in the last few months. The good news is that if you haven’t seen the movie, you can now view it online via. Netflix’s excellent streaming option. Why should you see it? Well, it’s a fun post-apocalyptic film focusing the survival antics of an obsessive compulsive young man who manages to make his way through the throngs of infected “zombies”. The film swerves a bit and by the end of it, it kind of pukes all over itself, but I still think it is a fun watch. Just don’t go into the movie … Read entire article »

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Zombieland 2 … in Three Dimensions

3D technology has been with us since the golden age of radio, but by following the entertainment media, you’d think it was just invented in some crazy lab accident. Everything these days is slated for 3D production. 3D televisions are starting to trickle into the marketplace, and in twenty years from now, 3D should be firmly entrenched in . Here’s the thing … it’s just not all that exciting. The first 3D movie that I saw was The House of Wax starring Vincent Price. A local theater was doing a revival so my folks took the entire family to see good old Vincent turn a little psychotic and kill a bunch of people. We were given the blue and red glasses and while it … Read entire article »

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Zombieland’s Comprehensive DVD Review

For all you lovers of the flesh eating dead among us, you’ll be happy to know that the horror comedy Zombieland is invading retail shelves tomorrow. While not quite zombies, the movie’s antagonists do a great job of sending America straight into post-apocalyptic land while managing to eat all the Twinkees in the process. While some of us might consider this bad thing, I think the zombies did us a favor. Moving on … … Read entire article »

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Zombieland’s Missing Scenes

I had no idea that Zombieland was set to be released in only a couple of days. The fella who runs the website with one of the best names of all time – Giant Freakin Robot – managed to get his hands on an early copy of the DVD. Evidently there are a couple of missing scenes and a new rule that didn’t appear in the final cut of the film. From the article: Zombieland hits Blu-Ray and DVD next week on February 2nd and just in case you need another reason to be in line, there’s this. The DVD contains deleted, never before seen moments from the film, along with featurettes, storyboards, and commentary explaining how they made it. But it’s the deleted scenes you won’t want … Read entire article »

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Zombieland 2 Coming Soon … in 3D

Being a blogger with a nose finely tuned for news, I have a breaking announcement that is just shy of four weeks old. The folks over at Moviehole (nice site name) recently chatted with the director of Zombieland who confirmed that another film is in the works, complete with the original cast. Or better put: I had the chance to chat to “Zombieland” director Ruben Fleischer yesterday, who confirmed Sony are very interested in a “Zombieland” sequel. And he’s ready to go. … Read entire article »

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