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Zombies Take Manhattan

It looks like this month is going to have a whole bunch of Romero news. For awhile, I didn’t hear anything about the happenings of good old George, but these days, it seems like if I don’t hear something about him, then something must be wrong. I just logged onto Twitter and saw this article posted from his Twitter account. Evidently, in order to promote Survival of the Dead, Romero and friends rounded up four hundred corpses to storm downtown New York. Honestly, this sounds like an awesome zombie walk. Probably the best one ever. From the article: … Read entire article »

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ZomBCon and Other Dead Happenings in Seattle

Ryan over at ZomBCon wanted me to get out the word that this Halloween, there’s going to be a rather large zombie convention where you can find plenty of brains ripe for eating. These are the folks who organized the world’s largest zombie walk, thereby taking the crown from Pittsburgh. Grrr. Still, it sounds like a great time for the whole flesh eating family. There’s actually a whole ton of other stuff, so I pasted his press release verbatim. Here is what Ryan has to say: My name is Ryan Reiter, Creative Producer for the Fremont Outdoor Movies in Seattle. We created the cult hit Zombie Movie event last summer called Red, White and Dead last July 3rd and brought a Guinness World Record and … Read entire article »

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Bumming Around Pittsburgh with Some Zombies

Here’s an article article from the science-fiction website io9 which displays a wealth of pictures of ZombieFest 2008 that was held at none other than … drum roll please … the Monroeville Mall. Sure, the news might be old, but the images themselves are great such as the giant brain held aloft on fold out chairs. One has to wonder the size of the head from which it was excavated. On a side note, Halloween might appear to be a distant spec on the horizon, but it is coming fast indeed. This year, we must do our best to have Pittsburgh reclaim the zombie capital of the world from Seattle. If any one is associated with the annual Halloween zombie walk over at Monroeville, give me a … Read entire article »

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Zombies Plan to Protest, Eat Austrailian Game Board

Looks like our friends in the Southern Hemisphere have had enough with their ratings board. For those of you not in the know, Australia has some of the most rigid video game classification rules. Games which wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in other countries tend to get the beatdown by the folks down under. These games won’t get rated and thus, they cannot be sold (according to my understanding of Aussie law). Some developers, like Valve, produce sanitized versions of their games, making a zombie apocalypse feel like a trip to the mall on Black Friday. … Read entire article »

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Alhambra Zombie Walk/Art Showing

Some time back, I mentioned an upcoming art exhibit over in Pasadena-land that combined our love of zombies with our love for each other. It was mixed media event that was a celebration of both zombie culture and Valentine’s Day. Saturday marked the start of the exhibit which kicked it off with zombies shambling down the street with the ultimate convergence of the art gallery. The following article shows some pictures of the event. The funniest one on the page shows a bunch of zombies, staring at a zombie painting. There’s nothing quite like seeing zombies appreciate zombie art. … Read entire article »

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Zombies in Love — The Art Exhibit

I can’t help but say that there is no better time to be a zombie fan. There is just too many cool things going on right now in the zombie world it’s just hard to wrap my head around it all. We got zombies invading college campuses, zombies invading movie theaters, and even zombies hitting the dance floor — all happening on a daily basis. This news item comes from Pasadena, California. Well, this really comes from Alhambra, but it’s the same ballpark being neighboring cities and all. Coming this Valentine’s Day, the Nucleus Art Gallery is exhibiting mixed art from a ton of artists with the theme of zombies in love. Here’s the actual notice: “ZOMBIES IN LOVE” is an art exhibition/happening that gathers some recognized … Read entire article »

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