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The Ultimate Zombie Contigency Plan

As we zombie lovers know, having a good plan for when the dead rise from the graves is critical to surviving the upcoming zombie apocalypse (you know it’s coming … didn’t you?). Some of us have good plans while others need a little work. Hell, some of us have even made a living off selling their zombie plans. In short, it is good to have a plan even if it comes down to pouring mayonnaise on your head when the zombies do decide to eat you. Sara Albro, otherwise known as ZombieGrl12 on Twitter, posted a link on her feed which is fully comprehensive zombie strategy guide. It breaks down the apocalypse into bite size (har har har) chunks so that you might be able to either … Read entire article »

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Guns and Gardens – Tips on Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

This video is probably the most randomly entertaining zombie video I’ve ever seen. Written and directed by Marque Cornblatt, this premise of this video sounds like the result of an up all night binge session with coffee and quaaludes, but it is so wonderfully put together and executed that you’ll be laughing while appreciating the randomness of it. The video presents itself as a pirate broadcast that supplies tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Being it is too dangerous to scavenge food, the broadcast gives excellent instructions on building your own indoor garden. … Read entire article »

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How to Kill A Zombie with a Frying Pan

In case you have ever wanted to know how to kill zombies with a frying pan, then this is the video for you. It’s even taught by a couple of psychopaths who don’t just want the zombie apocalypse to happen, but need it to happen. This is actually a “viral video” to get people talking about Left 4 Dead 2, but trust me, when you watch this video Left 4 Dead 2 will be far from your thoughts. This is all about some dude learning the subtleties of killing with a skillet. And yes, there is a method to be used which makes me want to both laugh and cry. I’m not sure that this works. It’s more like a traffic accident in slow motion. You … Read entire article »

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Ultimate Zombie Survival

I’ve seen a lot of fake zombie news reels in the past few months, but I got to say, this is the most authentic of them all. It looks like the filmmakers went to extreme lengths to create realistic cold war paranoia mixed with some good old fashioned British enthusiasm. The zombies look great as do the weapons. There’s nothing quite like seeing a ten year old boy mow down the undead. Pretty funny stuff. The Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide ( … Read entire article »

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How to Survive a Zombie Attack

From the archives comes an oldie but good, How to Survive a Zombie Attack. This web video was styled after a 1950’s news reel. It shows how “good patriotic” families can protect themselves from the dead. It covers proper zombie defense as well as how to sacrifice yourself for the good of the country. It is very tongue cheek which even features a zombie beaten to death with his own arm. Good stuff. How to Survive a Zombie Attack ( … Read entire article »

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Bert and Andrew’s: How to Find a Good Vehicle in a Zombie Attack

Strange Brew meets zombie apocalypse. That’s the only way to describe this clip. In it, Bert and Andrew dish out sage advice on how to find the appropriate vehicle to survive in a zombie infested area. Bert looks to be the kind of guy who speaks the first word that pops in his head whereas Andrew will kill you, zombie or not. This is a funny clip with the dogs running around in the background of what looks to be a storage center / meat locker. The clip flies off into the deep end, but it is a pretty entertaining watch. How to Survive a Zombie Attack : Handy Vehicles for Zombie Survival ( … Read entire article »

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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

A couple of years ago, Videojug produced a rather entertaining internet video, “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse”. The title movie would be better served if it were titled, “How to Survive a Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse” because it gives pointers on how to deal with all the stereotypical survivors you’ll end up banding with during the onslaught of the dead. This isn’t immediately apparent, especially at the start of the video where it is stated, “Women are your first impediment to surviving a zombie holocaust.” Had my wife been in the room, I believe my laptop would in a million pieces by now. It’s later in the video where the narrator explains in detail what to do with each annoying survivor, making the narrator sound like … Read entire article »

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