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Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide – Chopper Chicks in Zombietown

If you are looking to get you hands on a good zombie movie, but you don’t know what to see, do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a copy of Glenn Kay’s excellent book, Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide. In it, Glenn covers the wide expanse of zombie movies starting with the genre’s roots back with White Zombie and continues to review zombie movies until the book’s publication (2008). Glenn pretty much covers everything even remotely zombie related such as movies that aren’t even technically “zombie movies” but might contain walking dead people. Well, thumbing through the book, I pulled up a review of a classic that I missed while in highschool. Had I known about this tour-de-force, I imagine I would be quoting … Read entire article »

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Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide – Dead Heat (and Movie Ratings)

Thumbing through Glenn Kay’s awesome book, Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide I found a relatively obscure zombie film starring none other than Joe Piscopo with Vincent Price being noted as a supporting actor. My god … did I find the white whale of cheese movies? Titled, Dead Heat, this movie sounds about as good as you can imagine it to be. Reading the blurb on it, Kay mentions how the MPAA forced the creators of the film to trim back some of the more obnoxious special effects else the movie would earn itself an X rating. Having recently watched Angels & Demons – a PG-13 film which features an assassin cutting open an investigators throat, a hanging priest being burned alive, and several officers being shot in … Read entire article »

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Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide – Night of the Living Dead (1990 remake)

After a rather extended vacation through all the dark parts of the night, I thought I’d kick the site back into gear with a little visit to Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide by Glen Kay. If you love zombie movies and cannot get enough of our undead friends munching our living neighbors, you should pick yourself a copy this guide. It basically describes each zombie movie from the start of the cinema all the way to 2007. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of zombies yet each entry is a refreshing glimpse at a movie you might have missed. Today’s entry features none other than the remake of Night of the Living Dead. I’m a huge fan of the original so the remake doesn’t interest me … Read entire article »

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Zombie Movies The Ultimate Guide: The House by the Cemetery

Here’s an older zombie movie that I pulled up at random from Glenn Kay’s excellent Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide. This is a Fulci original and from how it sounds, it might be worth a look. The picture in the book alone is pretty interesting. In it, a young boy stares straight ahead, glassy eyed and distant. Blood pours down his face, for the top of his head is gone, revealing the jelly like contours of his exposed brain. I’m guessing Fulci didn’t hold anything back which is just the way I like it :) From the book: The House by the Cemetery, also known as Quella villa accanto al cimitero was Lucio Fulci’s quick follow-up to The Beyond (1981) and the last … Read entire article »

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Is Jason Voorhees a Super Zombie?

Thumbing through Glenn Kay’s Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide, I bumped into a nice tasty entry regarding Friday the 13th . Author Glenn Kay argues that Jason Voorheess isn’t just a regular zombie, but rather he is a super zombie. He goes at length to connect the dots which I have quote beneath the fold. On a side note, if you are looking for an awesome book about movie zombies, you should really check out this book. It’s just that good. … Read entire article »

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Is Gore Neccessary for Zombie Movies?

I’ve been spending a lot of my off hours recently thumbing through the excellent Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide by Glenn Kay and one thing that keeps appearing in each review is a quick blurb about the gore content. In the book, there’s quite a lot of side discussion directed to the gore hound which made me consider other reviews which of course, follow a similar format. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but gore is a staple of the genre. I remember watching Shaun of the Dead for the first time upon seeing one of the characters pulled apart by a zombie mob, the zombie gore lover inside of me felt satiated. Had that scene not been in the film, I think some part of … Read entire article »

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The Ultimate Zombie Guide: Shock Waves

In the past month, we’ve seen Nazi zombies lurch back into the popular consciousness with the release of Dead Snow. Some people heralded the idea as an awesome one not realizing that Nazi zombies have been with us at least since the seventies. Thus, we have Shock Waves. This is a movie I’ve been dying to my hands on. I remember seeing a clip of it when I was a kid and being completely freaked out. Twenty or so years later with a lot mileage on the odometer, I’m guessing it won’t hold the same shock value, but I’m looking forward to becoming reacquainted. Here’s what The Ultimate Zombie Guide has to say about it: … Read entire article »

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