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Zombies Set Loose in NYC – Hilarity Enuses

You gotta love stuff like this, especially on the tail end of a very long Monday. It’s one thing to see people pretending to be zombies on the street, but how would you act if you actually did see a zombie on the street? I’m guessing there’d be a lot of head scratching followed by an immediate trouser dumping. Well, some unlucky New Yorkers got to experience that very real thing. Mind you, the zombies weren’t real (put down those chainsaws, guys). They were created by some incredibly talented make up artists whereby the flesh eaters were set loose on the streets with a camera crew in pursuit. Some of the reactions are absolutely hilarious with one child getting enough nightmare fuel to last him into … Read entire article »

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And Yet More Zombie Makeup

Today is definitely the day for getting your zombie on. I have been slammed with requests for articles on zombie makeup, so I decided to add one more while also creating a new category on the site for zombie makeup. So, if you want to see all the past zombie makeup articles, just click the zombie makeup link and you will be good to go. This article contains step by step instructions accompanied by a YouTube video. Pretty cool stuff. Now get out there and eat some brains! How To Make Zombie Makeup ( … Read entire article »

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More Zombie Makeup Tips

Happy Halloween, everyone. I’m sure quite a bit of you are hitting the town dressed as zombies, so I thought I’d link to another video that gives tips on how to dress as a zombie. This video covers the use of latex to create gouged flesh and rotting eyes. It later covers the creation of human guts. Pretty fun and yet disgusting. It should come in handy for a night on the town. Just make sure not to eat too many people tonight. Zombies! Halloween Make up, Guts, Effects : BFX ( … Read entire article »

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Time Lapse Zombification

I just found this on digg. What happens when an attractive woman becomes bitten by a zombie? Well, in this little clip you get to see the various stages of zombiehood from an initial latex prosthetic all the way to the blood dripping out of the corners of her mouth. The end result is shocking. No joke. I actually jumped in my chair, getting everyone’s attention around me. Do yourself a favor and keep the volume down :( Hot Chick Zombie Time Lapse ( … Read entire article »

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How to Make a Zombie Costume Part Two

Some time back, I posted an article about how to make a zombie costume. It was a cool series of videos that transformed a person into a gaunt member of the dead who had risen from the earth. But what about creating a zombie who had been created from other zombies? Well, this site definitely steps up to the plate by providing step by step instructions on how to make it look like your face got chewed off. It requires a lot of latex, some blood paste, and willingness to make people vomit. Pretty cool. Pretty creepy. Pretty bloody. Enjoy! How to Be A Zombie ( … Read entire article »

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