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Nazi Zombies Must Die!!!

For those of you who just happen to love guns (and maybe own a couple) and feel the need to hone your skills before the upcoming zombie apocalypse, you might want to check out this out. In short, some enterprising company is cashing in on the current zombie craze and of course, the rise of the infamous nazi zombie. Here’s what we got: Thanks to the folks at Zombie Ammo, gun range enthusiasts and policemen can now empty the skulls of the walking dead wearing Nazi uniforms, as we’ve been doing in Call of Duty: World At War for close to a year now. Zombie Ammo and their distributor Law Enforcement Targets have been selling the “Hans” and “Frans” zombie target to the Nazi-killing crowd for a few months … Read entire article »

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More Info About the Zombie Combat Manual

I’ve received a lot of emails the other day about the upcoming Zombie Combat Manual, so I thought I’d do another post to share my findings. The book is based on the existing website, Zombie Combat Club and it is a fun read. There are a ton a instructional how-to articles on how to evade, and ultimately, take down the dead. Each example is well written with some great artwork drawn alongside of it. The website also goes into detailed weapon descriptions, including some videos, But hey, don’t take it, check it out. I’m guess the book will match the overall tone of the book. Here’s a cook snippet from the site: … Read entire article »

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Zombie Booger Gun

Conventional wisdom states that if a whole lot of zombies come shambling in your direction, you should take them out with a good old fashioned repeating rifle. Preferably one with a full automatic setting. Thankfully, living in an enlightened age, we have other options such as a booger gun. Posted on zombie weapon site ZPrepared, the booger gun shoots out a boatload of sticky foam which could be used to not only knock over the offending zed, but also stick him to the ground. Believe it or not, this an actual device that makes people look like they got mother of all breast implants or spent the day at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. … Read entire article »

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Dead Rising 2 Offers Duct Tape for Weapon Combinations

Although I wasn’t a big fan of the original Dead Rising and the new one looks to be a non-starter for me, Capcom has developed a pretty unique weapon combination system that sounds intriguing. Good old fashioned duct tape. Add a few strips of tape to a paddle, then attach a chainsaw and voila! You have long distance killing device (although it would be hell on your arms). I’ve also seen screenshots of chainsaws jury rigged to motorcycles and who knows, maybe you can attach chainsaws to shoulder pads or maybe even tape a chainsaw onto a helmet. Chainsaws! Chainsaws! Chainsaws! Everyone wins a chainsaw! … Read entire article »

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Zombie Bullets

Special thanks for Blaine for sending this one over. If you happen to own some handguns and you are looking for ammo, you might want to check out Zombie Bullets. This is an online dealership which sells, you guessed it, bullets. But these aren’t ordinary bullets. These are zombie bullets. For one thing, they are hollow pointed rounds, but the true magic behind these diddies, is the patented (maybe not, but certainly trademarked) ZombieGlow technology. What is ZombieGlow technology? I’m thinking that it just might be neon green paint on the end of the round. … Read entire article »

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Zombie Survival Kits

In all the zombie attacks I’ve survived (and yes, I’ve survived many of them), the dead never really announce of themselves. Usually what happens is I’ll be working around the house, and then some corpse wanders into my living room looking for a snack. There’s a lot stumbling going on as I improvise different weapons until finally I manage to decapitate the devil’s spawn head with my wife’s laptop. Thankfully, a new company has been formed to deal with this such issue. Known simply as “In Case of Zombies”, this company sells glass cases that holds both firearms and twinkees. … Read entire article »

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Weapons that Shouldn’t be Used in a Zombie Attack

When the zombies rise, there’s not going to be a lot of notice. Imagine yourself, working in your kitchen when the first zed steps into your house, looking for lunch. If you’re the type of person that keeps your gun next to your rolling pin, you’d be fine, but for the rest of us (aka 99.9999 percent of the population), we’re going to grab the first weapon we can find. Ten bucks says such a weapon will be less gun, and more cheese grater. Here are list of weapons that you must absolutely avoid. These will not hurt the zombies, but in point of fact, hurt you. Granted, these weapons don’t really exist, but it never hurts to vigilant. … Read entire article »

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