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Minecraft – The Last Minecart

Let me just state for the record that Minecraft is pretty damn awesome. It’s an indie computer game developed by a dude in Sweden. There is no way to “win” the game. You start in a strange new world where you build things by day and hide from zombies, skeletons, and spiders by night. The world is massive and you can alter it in any way. It’s a virtually lego set with homicidal monsters included. A fan made this pretty awesome trailer you can view over here that gives you a little perspective of the game. Well, in honor of Minecraft, a group of fans created this pretty kick ass video about a zombie apocalypse. I gotta say, besides the funny inside jokes about … Read entire article »

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Zombie Crisis: Prologue – Free for the iPhone

I was visiting the fine folks over at when I saw a blog post about a free game for iTouch devices called Zombie Crisis: Prologue. While not the most original title, Zombie Crisis features hordes of flesh eating bad guys whom you must repel with knifes so prepare to flick that iPod like you have a booger at the end of your finger. I would have given the game a spin on my own iTouch but alas, it is currently missing in action. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dig it up soon, but in the meantime, if any of you give the game a whirl, let me know if you think it’s worth the download. Here’s a snippet of what Destructoid thinks: … Read entire article »

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Zero Punctuation Gives Dead Rising 2 a Taste of the Flaming Boxing Gloves

Ben “Yahtzee” Crenshaw is at again, taking his wit and his love of hating to the recently released Dead Rising 2. And believe it or not, this is a rare Yahtzee interview indeed, for he readily admits that he liked the game. Mind you, it doesn’t make it through the review without at least getting a bloody nose. Yahtzee nails some low hanging fruit such as the writing of the game. If you haven’t played the game, let’s just say that even during the high points, the writing is pure sludge. While some of the case files are interesting in their own respect, the entire arc of the story is flat and uninspired. The developers could have deleted half of them and nothing important would have … Read entire article »

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Left 4 Dead News-a-Palooza

This past week has brought us a ginormous amount of updates on the popular zombie, cough, infected killing video game, Left 4 Dead. The first big item was the release of The Sacrifice which lets players decide who gets to live and who gets to die. Normally, this choice is a rather easy one for my team. Too far ahead? Too bad. Too far behind. Tough luck. Off to the side and hidden by some shrubbery. Tough titties. Now that there is a achievement to be earned, I imagine there will be epic gunfights to determine who gets to commit suicide. I gave the campaign a spin this morning and found it to be adequate. Is it worth the … Read entire article »

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Dead Rising 2 Impressions

It’s been almost a week since I’ve had my grubby little mitts on Dead Rising 2 and having killed a multitude of zombies with boxing gloves, dumbells, sledgehammers, and even some gemstones, I thought I might share some of my initial impressions. While not a review by any point, just a random collection of thoughts about the game that has occurred to me while I wandered the streets of Fortune City. Cutscenes Galore WOW … this game loves its cutscenes. At one point, I would move a couple feet only to prompt another cutscene. Sometimes, cutscene follows cutscene, making the game feel like an awkward movie with long drawn out pauses between scenes. Granted, it gets better as the game starts to move along but at the start … Read entire article »

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The Sacrifice Proves to be an Excellent Online Zombie Comic

By the time you read this, hopefully we’ll be in the best month of the year … you know … the time of year when you can cover yourself in bloody entrails and walk down the street without worrying about the cops pounding on your door. You can put severed heads on your lawn and instead of having of the swat team lining outside your house, children from all around the block will be excited to visit you. Oh yes … the month of Hallow-effing-ween. The great time of year when zombies go mainstream. What better way to get your zombie blood pumping than by reading the excellent comic book adaption of Left 4 Dead. I gotta say, it’s nice to see comic inspired from a video … Read entire article »

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Ars Technica Reviews Dead Rising 2

For all of you Dead Rising fans, yesterday was the day to get your zombie killing mojo going and now a day later and sixty dollars lighter, I’m sure many of you have some pretty awesome stories that involve the walking dead and maybe a couple of sharp garden tools. The game just arrived in my mailbox today and while I’m looking forward to start the game, I gotta say from having just read Ars Technica’s review, I’m guessing I’m not going to be dancing, but rather, biting my fist in soul crushing frustration. Ah yes, the ‘effing save system strikes back. While it doesn’t sound as ridiculous as the first game, requiring you to travel ten minutes just to save the game, it still sounds like a lot … Read entire article »

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