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Can Zombies Be Considered Vampires Lite?

One of the cool things about running this site is the chance to meet zombie lovers all over the world. It’s neat because zombie lovers tend to have strong feelings of their type of walking corpse and they usually aren’t shy of letting it be known. Thankfully, this site has avoided the irritating meltdowns of fast zombie versus slow zombie versus wonka wonka and it’s nice to hear the various opinions from all over. As you can imagine, I’ve heard a lot of ideas but the one prevalent idea that keeps returning over and over again is that zombies are created from zombie bites. Once you are bitten, you are dead. Ebert commented on this fact in his review of Survival of the Dead. In it, … Read entire article »

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

If you were a fan of the breakout novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, you should be happy to know that this week marks a new release for the author. That being, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Unlike his past work which was the literary equivalent of the movie Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, this work is entirely original. I gotta say, Grahame-Smith is a rather astute marketer and part of me wonders if it will show in his work. Check out how he came to conceive of this book: … Read entire article »

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How Twilight Should Really End

I don’t really get the whole Twilight thing. I get that it’s a romantic story about walking, talking, and thinking corpses (vampires are undead, after all) wooing young women, and maybe it’s the whole “I will love you for eternity” thing. Maybe the women in the audience can clarify the attraction, but I’m guessing if Prince Charming did show up on your doorstep as a vampire, the relationship would probably evolve into something like this after two hundred years. In any case, I stumbled onto this page today which ended up coating my monitor with coffee. … Read entire article »

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Vampires vs. Zombies — Conclusion

Robyn over at has tallied the results from all the various bloggers across the websphere and her conclusion … the zombies have it. She put together a fun read, highlighting a bunch of other zombie blogs that look to be pretty cool. Do I agree with the collective result? Not really. As a matter perception, people view vampires as the glorious aristocrats of the undead, but take away their frosted hair and gothic frilly clothes, you have a creature that reproduces every time it gets hungry. Imagine that for every time you satisfied the slightest bit of hunger, you’d give birth to a baby. Now granted, zombies feel the need to feed all the time and they can walk in sunlight. Very true and … Read entire article »

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Vampires vs Zombies

Robyn, the head editor at (great site, btw) sent me an email last week, posing a simple question for an upcoming article: “Which are more dangerous to the human race, Zombies or Vampires?” I wrote the following: This is gonna sound a little strange coming from a zombie lover, but if we’re talking about traditional Romero zombies (slow walkers), then I believe that the greater threat would be vampires. Whereas a zombie can be taken out with bullet to the head, you need to get close and personal to kill a vampire. Zombies tend attract attention to themselves whereas vampires blend into the community. The thing to remember is that vampires (no matter how glamorous) infest an area like rats. They continue to multiply until the … Read entire article »

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Zombies Replacing Vampires

I just bumped into this article about the upcoming Zombieland which boldly proclaims that vampires – the aristocrats of the undead – are being replaced by good old blue collar zombies. I’ve actually assumed vampires to be dead for awhile now. When submitting horror fiction, a lot of editors have stated that they are tired of vampire fiction. Some state that they will return a story without reading it if it contains vampires. Needless to say, after reading all the “vampires are dead” tea leaves, I was further shocked by the success of Twilight. It just confirms to me that no one knows what the hell is going on. In any case, there’s a real interesting snippet at the end of the article when Zombieland’s director … Read entire article »

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