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The Walking Dead Season 2? Not So Much (For Now)

It’s hard to believe that while we wait for the release of the first season of The Walking Dead, there has been some crazy speculation regarding the production of the second one. Rumors have suggested that the next series will begin shooting in February. Well, Frank Darabont splashed some cold water on the theory in a great old man Smithers impression that will certainly depress the hardest of the hardcore. “Shooting in February? As tired as I am right now getting season one through post, I’d rather shoot myself,”. Umm … no gray area there. … Read entire article »

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The Walking Dead Trailer Officially Releasd

A few posts back, I found an bootleg copy of a cell phone recorded VHS copied passed around the gutter and lost in a sock drawer copy of The Walking Dead trailer as it was shown at Comic Con. The image quality looked like the movie were projected on someone’s armpit while it sounded like an impassioned debate between Charlie Brown cartoon adults set to a Mariachi band. Thankfully, a much better trailer was released lately in of all its man on horse meets zombie action. … Read entire article »

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The Walking Dead Trailer

For those of you who like to live under rocks as much as I have been doing these days, you’d be interested to know that sci-fi themed site of io9 has managed to post a trailer for the upcoming AMC series, The Walking Dead. The trailer was actually recorded by a fan with a camcorder so it’s not exactly the best quality. The trailer looks to have been shown in some crowded room and during the moments when the screen cuts to black, you can see the “real” zombie horde, staring at the glass. It’s pretty funny. … Read entire article »

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Walking Dead Employs Zombie School

As some of you may know, AMC is currently in production of a live action adaption of the very well read comic series, Walking Dead. Gotta say from the looks of one of the zombies alone, this looks to be an awesome. Having only read the first episode, I’ll go on record for saying that I’m cautiously optimistic. The only thing I can say to the true diehards is not to get too excited, because while Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redmption) is a fine director, I find that a lot of comic movies come out looking like this instead of looking like this. In any case, the fine sci-fi minded folks over at io9 just ran a story about the upcoming production. Evidently, the creative folks behind this … Read entire article »

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AMC Greenlights Walking Dead

Walking Dead fans … your time is now. Science fiction and occasional zombie lover website io9 just dropped word that Frank Daramont (director of The Shawshank Redemption) has just been given the thumbs up for the upcoming comic book adaption of Walking Dead. Some might be disappointed to see the story hit the television screen as opposed to the silver screen because the zombie violence will be toned down. I’m guessing AMC will probably release a DVD cut that restores some of the gore, but that’s getting a little ahead of ourselves. … Read entire article »

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Fangoira Reviews”The Walking Dead”

I’ve only read one issue of the Walking Dead, and just mentioning it on this blog brought the fans out of the woodwork. The reaction caught me by surprise. I’ve heard of the comic prior to this site, but I had no idea about the fan’s passion for it. Fangoria gives the start of series a good look over with the release of the first compendium volume. This “bowling ball” (as Fangoria eloquently refers to it) contains the first forty eight issues of the series. The horror magazine was impressed with the bird’s eye view, remarking on the evolution of the series as a whole. … Read entire article »

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The Walking Dead

Some time in 2003, a zombie comic book graced the newsstands titled, “The Walking Dead”. It started a lengthy series which continues to this day. The comic has been in the news lately because AMC has been working to get it adapted as television series which is currently being helmed by Frank Darabont – best known for directing The Shawshank Redemption. I don’t know anything about the series except that is seems to have a pretty hardcore following behind it. Cruising through the web, I managed to find the first episode hosted online. The series starts like 28 Days Later. Police officer Rick wakes up in a hospital, having been in a coma for the past three weeks. He is shocked to find the hospital in … Read entire article »

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