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Movie Review: Survival of the Dead

Here’s an old movie review I wrote before my extended vacation. If you are interested in seeing Survival of the Dead, it’s currently streaming on Netflix with plenty of clips available on Hulu. Some time ago in the quaint state of Pennsylvania, a group of young filmmakers had the idea of creating a new type of horror movie. They all pitched in five hundred bucks and formed a company called Latent Image. Their idea centered around flesh eating corpses. A young filmmaker named George Romero was tasked with writing and directing it. They shot the film in a little farmhouse and called it Night of the Flesh Eaters which was later named to Night of the Living Dead by the distributor. Little did … Read entire article »

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Survival of the Dead Comes to Netflix

Here’s some pretty cool news for those of you who have a Netflix subscription. George Romero’s latest zombie epic – Survival of the Dead - is now available to watch on their streaming service. I would love to say that this is a kick ass film and that if you don’t have Netflix subscription, you should go and get yourself one, but truth be told, I have yet to see this movie. In fact, from what I heard from some of my close zombie friends, you should probably skip this movie if you want to still be thinking good things about Romero. Again, I can’t really say since I haven’t seen it yet, but I have noticed a definite downward arc from Land of the Dead. … Read entire article »

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Zombies Take Manhattan

It looks like this month is going to have a whole bunch of Romero news. For awhile, I didn’t hear anything about the happenings of good old George, but these days, it seems like if I don’t hear something about him, then something must be wrong. I just logged onto Twitter and saw this article posted from his Twitter account. Evidently, in order to promote Survival of the Dead, Romero and friends rounded up four hundred corpses to storm downtown New York. Honestly, this sounds like an awesome zombie walk. Probably the best one ever. From the article: … Read entire article »

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Movies Online Interviews George Romero

With Romero prepping for the big theatrical release for his current opus, Survival of the Dead, the fine folks over at Movies Online decided to take a little time out of the big G’s schedule and talk zombies. It’s an interesting read for one thing. He talks about turning the “new dead” series into a franchise so he and his partner can have control over the future of the series. One interesting nugget is the possibility of a boxed set of all his zombies films. In short, not in our lifetime. From the article: The first four films were all controlled by different people. I can’t even get enough cooperation from them to put out a boxed set so forget trying to cross-collateralize used characters. I’d … Read entire article »

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Survival of the Dead Red Trailer

If you just haven’t seen enough trailers for George Romero’s upcoming film, here’s another one that will hopefully suit your fancy. Known as the red trailer for being “unapproved” by the MPAA or something like that, it’s really shorthand for saying lots of gore. Funny thing to note … I’ve seen so many zombies flicks lately that I don’t even blink anymore when I see a corpse wrestling with a pound of intestines. I think I might need a vacation. The cool thing about this trailer is that it is introduced by none other than George himself. He does his best to make a decent intro as hordes of white faced zombies close in on him. And when they do reach the man, … Read entire article »

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Survival of the Dead DVD Review

It’s hard to believe that there is already a DVD review of George Romero’s upcoming new film Survival of the Dead when the movie hasn’t even been released in theaters yet. Welcome to the new age of cinema. It’s hard to believe, but I think in a matter of twenty years, movie theaters will either be a thing of the past or drastically retooled into something else. We are in the midst of a digital revolution whereby filmmakers no longer need the film studio for a movie to find its audience. … Read entire article »

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New Trailer for Survival of the Dead

As we grow ever so close to the release date of Romero’s next Dead film, more and more information is being released about the production. Granted, a lot of hardcore Romero fans have already managed to catch the film in the festival circuit, but for those of us out there who haven’t seen the film, each of these nuggets is certainly a tasty treat. This week’s release is a new trailer for the upcoming production. It looks pretty good. Dare I say … it looks Hollywood with plenty of cuts punctuated by a heart pumping score. The trailer follows the exploits of our not so friendly National Guard unit who was last seen in Diary of the Dead. … Read entire article »

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