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A World on Fire Back from the Dead? April Fools!

Oh crap, wait … it’s no longer April 1st. I guess this means, A World on Fire is really back? Hells Bells yes. On an aside … I will say one thing … April Fools is probably my least favorite “holiday” type thing. Where jokes were once constrained to the odd whoopie cushion in the boardroom prank, it’s gone global thanks to the web. I hate April Fools because I can be pretty gullible some times and the web just gets clogged with phony stories. I actually made it through the entire day without taking any bait until I strolled over to The Zed Word and learned of George Romero’s passing. My wife was talking to me when I was like “Holy Shit! Romero … Read entire article »

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A Big Welcome to A World on Fire’s Latest Contributor, Ben

I just thought I’d give Ben, resident zombie taunter and Dead Rising expert, a warm welcome to A World on Fire. Ben’s a big fan of video games and enjoys killing zombies in a variety of interesting ways. From running them over in a golf cart to taking them out in boxing gloves, digital zombies just don’t stand a chance when Ben is on the scene. In between Dead Rising 2 and Left 4 Dead sessions, Ben has also been following developments on The Walking Dead like a hawk. He’s also keenly interested in providing zombie Halloween coverage. In short, there’s going to be a whole lot of zombie news coming down the pipe. Welcome to the apocalypse, Ben. Now give ‘em hell :) … Read entire article »

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1000th Post and Still Counting

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year and a half since I started this little site. Since that time, I have met a whole bunch of talented writers, filmmakers, comic book artists, musicians, and everyone in between who also share a love of the walking dead. There is so much wonderful zombie work being done out there that makes me think that we’ve entered a new age of zombie. Vampires be damned (wonka wonka). So this is my 1000th post and believe it or not, just the other day, the site received it’s 1000th comment. The comment was actually a ping from a really cool hombre named Cory who runs the equally cool site, The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. If you haven’t … Read entire article »

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A World on Fire: State of the Zombie

This year has been an interesting year for sure in regards to the state of A World on Fire. By the start of the year, the site was going strong and by the time March swung around, I managed to complete the first draft of A World on Fire: Rage – the first book in a series about the rise of the dead. April was the time for change, and for the following three months, the site suffered from a rather dramatic changes in my own life. The book, the site, everything zombie related took a backseat to a rather difficult transition. It was an excellent transition mind you, but any change – whether it be good or bad – can be painful. My two … Read entire article »

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State of the Zombie

Over a year ago, I created the initial design of a WordPress website that would feature zombie news and events while I continued to write my zombie book. The site became a life line of sorts. It kept me focused on the end goal while it also provided a way for me to mark time at a job that had simply “lost that loving feeling”. The big goal was for me to leave my job in June and write full time. Alas when we crunched the numbers we saw that it was not meant to be. Long time visitors to the site will have noticed the steady decline posts in the past few months as my thoughts shifted from the living dead to the working dead. … Read entire article »

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Talk Zombies at AWOF Forums

If you like to talk zombies or would like to meet other fans of the zombie genre, feel free to take a stroll over to the A World on Fire forums. I started them up about a couple of weeks ago, and in that time, we’ve been talking zombie films, zombie weapons, zombie books, and of course, killing zombies. The easy thing about these forums is that they are Facebook compatible. The forums will create a user account for you based off your Facebook account. All that you have to do is provide a username and a password, and you are off to the races. There is no email verification or other hoops for you to jump through. … Read entire article »

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