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How Important is Hygiene in the Post Apocalypse?

A long time back, I remember getting really deep into the game Fallout 3. For the uninitiated, it’s a nuclear post-apocalyptic role playing game for the PC, XBox, and PS3. The game features some incredible production values so it is very easy to get caught up in the world. Well, I remember I visited the town of Megaton to trade with the local merchant. She lived in corrugated house with multiple floors. It was filled with an assortment of broken electronic devices, shambled furniture, and some other derelict knick-knacks to produce an overwhelming sense of squalor. After our trade, I decided to snoop around when I noticed the merchant doing something entirely unexpected. She started sweeping the floor. I couldn’t help but … Read entire article »

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Post Apocalyptic Six Flags

Zombies and apocalypses go together like peanut butter and chocolate. They’re just so damn good together that each one feels kind of empty on its own. When I bump into a zombie movie that does not have an apocalyptical element, I can’t help but to feel disappointed like I paid full price for half a movie. The same goes with straight old apocalyptic films. But mix them together just right with a dash nihilism, I’m all set for the rest of the day. And then things get weird when I see pictures of a real life apocalypse. I’m always looking around the edges of the photo for our zombie friends. Alas, this set of pictures does not have zombies in it, but … Read entire article »

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Vanishing on 7th Street

Having seen the trailer for this upcoming movie, starring none other than Sith Lord Hayden Christensen, I find myself wondering if zombies should be considered 21st century’s equivalent of bacon. Add some zombies – to whatever the movie – and it’s guaranteed to be awesome. Well, here’s a movie that just begs for our undead friends to make an appearance. The trailer feels like a sandwich with only lettuce and tomato. Now I can see some of you rolling your eyes at the thought of Hayden Christensen being in anything after his performance in the George Lucas sci-fi movie adaption of “Who wants to be a Billionaire?”. His incessant whining in the prequels made Luke Skywalker appear to be a stone faced monk. And yes, it … Read entire article »

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Amusement Parks in the Post Apocalypse

Whether people like zombies or not, there’s just something hypnotizing about the depiction of grim visages of the apocalypse, showing a place where humans no longer reside. Typically you’ll find these stray images all over the web (hell, I even have a gallery of them) but the good news is that you don’t have to travel far if you want to see the real thing. Case and point … this is an article I found over at today which depicts eight different amusement parks that still exist in their rotted abandoned form today. Yes, that’s right. Just think … if you live near one of these rusting hulks, you will not have to pay for a ticket to ride the rollercoaster. You can ride it for … Read entire article »

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How to Survive of an Apocalypse

I’m sure a lot of you out there have thought at length on how to survive in the inevitable zombie apocalypse (shoutout to Cory), but have you put much thought into surviving a plain old by the numbers apocalypse? Well some writer over at the Huffington Post recently pointed his thoughts in such a direction and he basically concludes you’d need guns, guns, and more guns and maybe a Ghillie suit for kicks. Let me start by saying that this article is being pure peanut butter and fluff as you tell by the opening of the article: … Read entire article »

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Teddy Bears of the Apocalypse

Have you ever wondered what to give your children after the world burns down to the ground and you are trapped in a post-apocalyptic nightmare whereby every day is a titanic struggle between life and death? Have you ever thought what you would give your kid during such a crisis that can match the twisted outlook of your new world? How about a teddy bear from hell? Just looking at these images makes me want to call my shrink on speed dial. The bears look like tiny smoldering demons who would like nothing more than to douse you gasoline so you can join the party. If I had one of these things in my room, I think I would cry myself to sleep every night. … Read entire article »

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BuzzFeed’s Ten Things about the Nuclear Apocalypse

Here’s an interesting article hosted by the site, BuzzFeed that makes wonder why you might long for a zombie apocalypse, when you can can have a good old fashioned nuclear one. Besides providing warm cozy gusts of nuclear fallout, followed by the chill of a nuclear winter, you can be sure that a nuclear disasters would be a fun filled experience for the entire family. That is, if you consider fun living in either a submarine or underground shelter whereby the only un-irradiated food source might turn out to be your own family. … Read entire article »

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