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Zombie Heroin Creates Zombies Without the Hunger

It’s one thing to read about zombie apocalypses, and it’s also another thing to read it in the news. If the story about the bath salt … Read entire article »

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Childrens Book + Zombies + MST3k = Woooah! Keanu Style

Another day. Another Kickstarter project. Personally, I love the idea of crowd funding. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. And while we’ve heard of many dramatic successes with it, there have been some pretty dramatic flops as well (originally found from Jonathan Mayberry’s Twitter feed). But here’s a project that I can really sink my teeth into … it’s a children’s book being ported over to the iPad (cool) which tells the story of a zombie in a treehouse (very cool) which is going to be read some very prominent Mystery Science Theater 3000 Alum (awesome). … Read entire article »

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Nothing Like A Summer Wedding — Zombie Style

Here’s a little tidbit from the Odds and End department. A young Washington couple wanted do a little something different for their wedding, so they decided to have a parade of the undead. Ahh yes, there’s nothing like mixing the stress of a wedding with an unstoppable horde of fleshing eating corpses. The usher’s job must have been hilarious — “Bride, Groom, or Undead”. And while the answer to the last group may seem obvious, I have been to weddings when it really wasn’t the case. … Read entire article »

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The Run for Your Lives 5K

If you ever needed motivation to run a 5k, I believe I found the race just for you. It’s one thing to run with a bunch of other runners, but it’s an entirely different thing to be chased by a crowd of flesh eating zombies. Introducing the “Run for Your Lives 5K” and it sounds like a blast. ** BLOG ENTRY INTERRUPTION ** Let me just pause for a moment … running races is incredibly fun. It’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful day with a whole bunch of cheerful people. Trust me … nothing puts a smile on your face like a runner’s high and it is really such a blast to cross the finish line to the whoops and cheers of your fellow runners. … Read entire article »

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Zombies Set Loose in NYC – Hilarity Enuses

You gotta love stuff like this, especially on the tail end of a very long Monday. It’s one thing to see people pretending to be zombies on the street, but how would you act if you actually did see a zombie on the street? I’m guessing there’d be a lot of head scratching followed by an immediate trouser dumping. Well, some unlucky New Yorkers got to experience that very real thing. Mind you, the zombies weren’t real (put down those chainsaws, guys). They were created by some incredibly talented make up artists whereby the flesh eaters were set loose on the streets with a camera crew in pursuit. Some of the reactions are absolutely hilarious with one child getting enough nightmare fuel to last him into … Read entire article »

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Westboro Zombies

Whether you hate or hate them more, the Westboro Church is one group that definitely grabs the headlines. Between burning books for giggles or protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers, those not-so-fine folks tend to provoke the similar sensation of a splinter being thrust underneath a fingernail. Naturally, they crave this kind of attention. After all, it does them no good to hate without an audience. And while I’m sure quite a few of them have received a much needed slap from time to time, I’m guessing it makes them feel like martyrs of some sort. I don’t know. It’s hard to understand what kind of thoughts (if there are any thoughts) that circulate their rock-like brain matter. … Read entire article »

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Kalamazoo County Department of Zombie Removal

Emily Midling isn’t an ordinary woman. She owns a beat up ford explorer and she enjoys zombies movies so on a lark, she decided to detail her car, notifying all passerbys that she is an official member of the Kalamazoo Country Department of Zombie Removal. Now, whether this department survives the next round of budget cuts is yet to be determined, but one thing is for sure, it is pure awesome. The thing I did enjoy about reading this article was the picture. Looking at it from a distance, my first thought was that she is holding a break action double barreled shotgun. It was when I was resizing the photo did I notice she is actually pumping gas. Granted, I’m going on four hours sleep … Read entire article »

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