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Zombie Nazis Returning to Call of Duty … for a Price

For those of you just can’t get enough of aiming crosshairs over a Nazi zombie’s forehead, you’ll be happy to know that Nazi zombies are making a return in the upcoming version of Call of Duty. As of yet, there is scant information about this new play mode, only that it will include four maps and that if you get bitten in the game, someone from Activiion will be dispatched to your house to kill you, and then steal your wallet. The key thing to note about this feature is that it is only available for people who buy the “hardened edition” of the game which retails for a cool eighty bucks. Otherwise, you’re out of luck until they offer the content as a paid add-on through XBox live. … Read entire article »

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Dead Snow – Kill Me Before the Snow Melts

I gotta say, when I first head about this movie, I think I did a cartwheel sitting down. It’s one thing to have regular zombies, but Nazi zombies? I was sold. Hardcore. Give me two copies, I said. Hell, give me three. I was sure to be blown away. How wrong was I. Dead Snow tells the story of a group of medical students who travel to some distant cabin in the woods to drink lots of beer and have lots of sex. During the middle of one late night party, a strange man shows up at the door and tells them an old story about Nazis and curses and how these dang nabbit kids are all idiots for not knowing about a fifty year … Read entire article »

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iPhone Nazi Zombies Swarm Apple’s App Store

With the release of Saving Private Ryan, the video game marketplace was saturated with World War II games that swarmed with trigger happy Nazis and their plans for world domination. As the years passed, World War II faded from popular consciousness but the Nazi’s persisted in the form of zombies. And my oh my, do people love to kill the Nazi zombies. Nazi zombies exploded onto the scene with the release of Call of Duty’s World at War. Some time later, the Nazi minigame appeared on the iPhone with great fanfare. The game took to the top of the charts and remained king for a short time, allowing gamers to kill Nazi zombies on the go. This in itself is not big news. I’m sure … Read entire article »

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Are We in a Zombie Renaissance?

Cory over at the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse wrote an excellent editorial about the current state of zombie-dom. He notes that we have seen more zombie movies made in the past ten years then all the zombie movies ever made. Here’s his thoughts on the subject: In addition to the incredible variety of zombie types and zombie media that’s emerged in that time span, something else no less impressive and important to the zombie’s place in the pop culture pantheon has happened: zombies have been embraced by the mainstream. From the Resident Evil and 28 Days Later films of the early part of the decade to last year’s hugely successful Zombieland, zombies are now arguably the most popular monster in entertainment (only vampires can make a significant counter case for dominance). As … Read entire article »

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Nazi Zombies Must Die!!!

For those of you who just happen to love guns (and maybe own a couple) and feel the need to hone your skills before the upcoming zombie apocalypse, you might want to check out this out. In short, some enterprising company is cashing in on the current zombie craze and of course, the rise of the infamous nazi zombie. Here’s what we got: Thanks to the folks at Zombie Ammo, gun range enthusiasts and policemen can now empty the skulls of the walking dead wearing Nazi uniforms, as we’ve been doing in Call of Duty: World At War for close to a year now. Zombie Ammo and their distributor Law Enforcement Targets have been selling the “Hans” and “Frans” zombie target to the Nazi-killing crowd for a few months … Read entire article »

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More Zombie Nazis En Route with the 4th Reich

These days, people seemingly just can’t get enough of Nazi zombies. It’s such a strange concoction. Zombies are the unstoppable bastards of fiction who can’t be put down whereas the Nazis were almost unstoppable bastards who were put down just in time. It seems natural to combine both of them to form a uber monster of sorts. At least with killing regular zombies, you might have an ounce of compassion. How many movies have we seen that an undead relative comes from the dead to do a little feasting? The protaganist always suffers whether to shoot the zombie or not. With nazis, there is no debate. Load. Sight. Fire. Repeat until the gun is empty, then grab the machete. … Read entire article »

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Flesh Starved Nazi Zombies Lay Siege to iPhones Everywhere

If I somehow managed to insert the phrase “bikini babes” into the headline, I probably would have earned myself some sort of B-Movie award. Alas, there are no bikini babes to be found in this story, but if you are looking for zombie bikini babes on your iPhone, check this little link out. Just make sure to leave your brain at the door. In any case, if you were a fan of Call of Duty’s famous zombie nazi mode (the only thing about the game that looks interesting to me), then you might be interested in grabbing the slimmed down version for your iPhone. … Read entire article »

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