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Cockneys vs. Zombies

As the old saying goes, dying is easy but comedy is hard. Now combine them together – comedy and dying – and you got a little high risk / high reward thing going on. Unfortunately, I have found that most zombie comedies seem to fall short of the mark. I think it’s because zombies themselves are pretty funny and so, a lot of poorly written movies just don’t get beyond them. The great zom-coms truly embrace the genre. Comedy sparks from the intersection of characters and conflict and while a gag is funny from the film’s perspective, it is deadly serious in another perspective. … Read entire article »

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Dead Sushi

Wow … two of my favorite things have been put together to make something that just sounds beyond belief. Yes … Zombie Sushi. I can’t write the title without laughing. It’s one thing to flee from a bunch of slow moving brain eaters but it is quite another thing to threatened by your dinner. It reminds me of an equally ludicrous film about a killer refrigerator aptly titled, The Refrigerator (No survivors. Only leftovers!). In high school, my friends and I consumed terrible movies like oxygen, so when we discovered The Refrigerator, we thought we had found one of the lost cities of gold. To our horror, the film actually turned out to be pretty good which in turn was funnier than it being bad. … Read entire article »

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Netflix Zombie List Updated

Just a quick shout out for those who don’t subscribe to the facebook page or my twitter feed (wink, wink). I just updated my list of zombie movies that you can find at Netflix. The list was two years out of date. Go figure. I’ll try and keep it up but check it out if you need an emergency 911 zombie flick. … Read entire article »

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Blast from the Past: Bush Versus Zombies

I’m pretty tired tonight, so it’s time for a stroll into the old archives. Here’s an old youtube clip that I remember a couple years back. It’s a pretty clever interview with President Bush whereby a reporter calls him out on his fifty billion dollar defense spending allotment to combat zombies. It’s a pretty funny watch being how everything is put together. It’s so well done you get the sense that this actually happened and that Bush really did decapitate a couple of tourists. Check it out. Bush Vs. Zombies ( … Read entire article »

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Minecraft – The Last Minecart

Let me just state for the record that Minecraft is pretty damn awesome. It’s an indie computer game developed by a dude in Sweden. There is no way to “win” the game. You start in a strange new world where you build things by day and hide from zombies, skeletons, and spiders by night. The world is massive and you can alter it in any way. It’s a virtually lego set with homicidal monsters included. A fan made this pretty awesome trailer you can view over here that gives you a little perspective of the game. Well, in honor of Minecraft, a group of fans created this pretty kick ass video about a zombie apocalypse. I gotta say, besides the funny inside jokes about … Read entire article »

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Women Role Models in Zombie Films?

Does anyone still go to Gawker sites these days since they employed their post-apocalyptic redesign (i.e. they want to see what life looks like without any people around). I used to go to io9 daily, but these days, I can’t visit the site without my browser having a seizure. Every once and awhile, I’ll fire up Kotaku, if my browser survives the initial page load, I find that I’m unable to focus on any of the content because of the annoying ads that occasionally block the first story. So it’s no surprise that I missed this interesting rant. I’d found out about it by cruising the headlines over at The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. If you ever want breaking zombie news, that’s the site to visit. … Read entire article »

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Movie Review: Survival of the Dead

Here’s an old movie review I wrote before my extended vacation. If you are interested in seeing Survival of the Dead, it’s currently streaming on Netflix with plenty of clips available on Hulu. Some time ago in the quaint state of Pennsylvania, a group of young filmmakers had the idea of creating a new type of horror movie. They all pitched in five hundred bucks and formed a company called Latent Image. Their idea centered around flesh eating corpses. A young filmmaker named George Romero was tasked with writing and directing it. They shot the film in a little farmhouse and called it Night of the Flesh Eaters which was later named to Night of the Living Dead by the distributor. Little did … Read entire article »

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