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Marvel Zombies to Rise from the Dead

Fans of the popular zombie comic series have reason to celebrate, for the now Disney owned superhero factory is preparing for another run of Marvel Zombies. The following article is more of an announcement than anything else, but there is some intel to report. From the article: Writer Fred Van Lente revealed that Marvel Zombies 5 will feature zombies in the Old West, Killraven’s War of the Worlds and Camelot. … Read entire article »

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Dead Wolverine

Wolverine has always been my favorite superhero. When I was in comic collecting phase, I managed to collect the first fifty issues of the series before I moved on. So it’s kind of a shock to myself when I write this, but I gotta say, I like the guy better dead than alive. This is one zombie where shooting for the head will get you nowhere. Marvel Zombies: Online Exclusive Wolverine Bust Limited to 1000 ( … Read entire article »

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More Zombie Spidey

Ben just sent in a panel from the recently released Marvel Zombies. It looks great. Blow it up, frame it, and I’d hang it on my wall in a heartbeat. I tell you, had Spiderman 3 gone the way of Peter Parker becoming a brain eating member of the undead, it would still be in the movie theaters. Or at least, in drive-ins by now () Zombie Spiderman Panel … Read entire article »

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Zombie Spiderman

Looks like Peter Parker was bitten by something other than a radioactive spider. Marvel Milestones: Zombie Spider-Man & Mary Jane Statue ( … Read entire article »

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Marvel Zombies Return

You got your zombies in my Spiderman! No … you got your Spiderman in my zombies. Well, if you are a fan of both comics and the flesh eating dead, this just might be your lucky day. Marvel has produced another comic in its tongue and cheek series about zombies mingling with some well known superheroes. This issue looks to feature an undead Spiderman which would be really really freaky if you saw in real life. This is the fifth episode in this popular running series which has featured “Zombies versus Robots” and “Zombies versus the Silver Age”. So if you are a comic book nut, is this a must buy? According to the person who reported it, this comic is more of … Read entire article »

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