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Movie Review: Survival of the Dead

Here’s an old movie review I wrote before my extended vacation. If you are interested in seeing Survival of the Dead, it’s currently streaming on Netflix with plenty of clips available on Hulu. Some time ago in the quaint state of Pennsylvania, a group of young filmmakers had the idea of creating a new type of horror movie. They all pitched in five hundred bucks and formed a company called Latent Image. Their idea centered around flesh eating corpses. A young filmmaker named George Romero was tasked with writing and directing it. They shot the film in a little farmhouse and called it Night of the Flesh Eaters which was later named to Night of the Living Dead by the distributor. Little did … Read entire article »

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George Romero and Tom Savani – Together Again

In a world whereby everything is a remake, reboot, or re-imaging – a world where if it’s not in 3D, it’s not worth the screen time – a world where most Hollywood powerbrokers appear to get their creative visions from their dog’s late night bowel movements – there’s actually some interesting fun news coming down the pipe. Apparently George Romero and Tom Savani – the dynamic duo behind the legendary Dawn of the Dead – are batting their eyes at each other over the prospect of remaking Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things. Normally, I’d scoff at the thought of a remake but this actually sounds interesting. For the record, each time I hear of another re-something, I want to stick my head in … Read entire article »

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Survival of the Dead Comes to Netflix

Here’s some pretty cool news for those of you who have a Netflix subscription. George Romero’s latest zombie epic – Survival of the Dead - is now available to watch on their streaming service. I would love to say that this is a kick ass film and that if you don’t have Netflix subscription, you should go and get yourself one, but truth be told, I have yet to see this movie. In fact, from what I heard from some of my close zombie friends, you should probably skip this movie if you want to still be thinking good things about Romero. Again, I can’t really say since I haven’t seen it yet, but I have noticed a definite downward arc from Land of the Dead. … Read entire article »

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Ebert to Romero: “I’m Just Not That Into You, Anymore”

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been reading Roger Ebert’s reviews for over a decade now. He’s a thoughtful writer and as much as I’ve disagreed with some of his reviews (he gave Anaconda four stars), I always find myself comparing opinions with him on some of my favorite gems. That said, he’s grumpy bastard if you have to work for him as I did in the early 2000’s, porting his television reviews to the web. Often times, we’d receive the shows too late in the day for our Monday posting deadline, resulting in a venomous phone call from his television people. When Ebert was unhappy, they were unhappy and were they were unhappy, life was miserable. … Read entire article »

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Remero on Left 4 Dead

Many thanks to zombie chow Ben for sending me this interview with zombie icon, George Romero. When I first saw the headline of this article, I thought this was going to be Romero baiting clip with Left 4 Dead being the catalyst. But George takes it all in strides. He shrugs off the fast zombies, saying it’s not his zombies. He acknowledges most zombie films these days aren’t even zombie films but rage infected people. For the recent resurgence of zombies, George gives all the credit to video games and as much as he respects the genre, he will never stick his toe in video game development. As he says, “I’m just too darn slow”. … Read entire article »

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Romero About Zombies: “Get Off My Lawn”

If you are looking for a weird interview with George Romero from a ‘too cool for school’ d-bag, then I think I have exactly what you are looking for. The folks over at Desctructoid sat down with Romero to talk about zombies, doing their best to start a little a fire under George. The first part of the interview is pretty funny. Romero looks a little comfortable as he is barraged with a torrent of questions. This interviewer looks to have forgotten his Ritalin and is a complete spaz. I get the sense that this is his first celebrity interview and he’s doing his best to appear cooly smug about the whole proceeding. … Read entire article »

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App of the Dead

The fine folks over at Zombie Command have made a recent posting about the further antics of George Romero. Yes, he is promoting Survival of the Dead pretty hard right now. Yes, he is in development of two more zombie films. And yes, he is in the process of writing of two books. But did you know he is currently in development of an iPhone application? On an aside, anyone who says life ends after retirement is pure hooey. Romero recently turned seventy and by conventional wisdom, he should be sitting at home, watching a marathon of Judge Judy. Instead, the guy is producing far more work than people half his age. I’m guessing George isn’t going to quit until he is … Read entire article »

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