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More Zombie Flash Games

If you are a fan of playing flash games which involves you shooting, decapitating, and generally mutilating zombies, you might want to check out this site which focuses on just zombies games. There looks to be hundreds of games to play from the classic tower defense style to the run and club gameplay based off Shaun of the Dead. While there are ads peppered on the site (cough, cough), they aren’t obtrusive or in any way make for a bad experience when viewing the site which is a rarity for these types of sites. … Read entire article »

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Kill Millions with the Infectonator Flash Game

The object of this game is a simple one — kill everyone on the screen via a zombie apocalypse. Sound simple? As any mad scientist with dreams of conquering the world will tell you … not quite. Your role in this game is infector in chief. As people mill about their ordinary day, you must drop the zombie serum in their midst. Those in the blast zone will turn into zombies who will try and kill their friends and neighbors. As people die, you collect their money to further refine the zombie serum. … Read entire article »

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Santa Gets It On

Many thanks to Jamie for sending over this link to this addicting flash game. Titled Santa’s Xmas Nightmare, the premise of the game is very simple. Rudolph gets a cold on Christmas night so Santa gives him the night off. This proves to be bad decision. Without Rudolph’s noise to acts as a warning to other aircraft, a passenger jet clips Santa’s sleigh sending the affable gift giver into a death spiral. He crashes hard in the Christmas badlands without a soul in sight. Most of the reindeer die in the crash, but those who survive lay crippled in the snow. That’s when things go bad. … Read entire article »

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Killing lots of time with The Last Stand flash game

The premise of this flash game is a simple one. You are a lone survivor being pitted against a mass of zombies with only a pistol and maybe a prayer. The only thing between you and instant death is a small barricade that doesn’t hold up very well against the bloodied fists of the dead. At the end of the each round, you have eight hours to invest in three choices … fix the barricade, find survivors, or search for weapons. The choices will haunt you as the zombies grow faster, hungrier, and meaner. Overall, a clever game that can burn some time if you aren’t paying attention. … Read entire article »

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More Zombie Football — The Vodoo Bowl

Earlier this month, I posted a link to a flash game titled, Zombie Football, although it was really about soccer. The game was fun, but a little on the hard side being I managed only to make it to the second level one time. Well, for all of you gridiron fans, here’s a game of zombie football with actual footballs and actual zombies. It’s a java game (uggh, I know … and I used to be a java developer too) where you must navigate your running back down a field that is quite literally swarming with zombies. The object is to score as many touchdowns as you can in under sixty seconds. You have an unlimited number of lives so long as you make first … Read entire article »

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Death Penalty: Zombie Football!

In the US, this would actually be called Zombie Soccer, but don’t let that detract from a fun waste of ten minutes. The idea is to score as many penalty kicks as possible while being attacked by zombies. Of course, you can fend off the zombies with the soccer ball itself, but what fun is that? It’s fun game. I love the chewed up people in the background, as well as the general post-apocalyptic feel as if a bunch of guys got together after the zombie apocalypse to continue to play their favorite sport. Anyways, I suck at this game. I’ve only beat the first level once which allows you update your soccer skills, as well as choose different types of soccer balls. … Read entire article »

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