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Childrens Book + Zombies + MST3k = Woooah! Keanu Style

Another day. Another Kickstarter project. Personally, I love the idea of crowd funding. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. And while we’ve heard of many dramatic successes with it, there have been some pretty dramatic flops as well (originally found from Jonathan Mayberry’s Twitter feed). But here’s a project that I can really sink my teeth into … it’s a children’s book being ported over to the iPad (cool) which tells the story of a zombie in a treehouse (very cool) which is going to be read some very prominent Mystery Science Theater 3000 Alum (awesome). … Read entire article »

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Harrodsburg Zombie Walk

I tell ya – no matter how crappy the day – just seeing some pics from a local zombie walk will always produce a smile from me. In fact, just the other day, I was trolling the web for some interesting zombie tidbits when I encountered this post over at Living Dead Media about a zombie walk in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. By Seattle standards, this is a small zombie gathering looking only to have only twenty people or so. But while it lacks in numbers, it makes up in style. Just looking at the pictures, you can see some pretty cool looking dead people with one person obviously being a big fan of Day of the Dead. … Read entire article »

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Coming This October … ZomBCon 2010

Zombie Queen Kimberly just wrote to me via the website, letting loose the word that Seattle is once again up to its old zombie shenanigans. I gotta give Kimberly a thumbs up (*whimper*Pittsburgh should be the official world zombie capital*whimper*) because her event is awesome. Aptly titled ZomBCon … this is a zombie’s lover convention featuring guests such as Romero, Max Brooks, and a whole bunch of zombie loving content producers. Even the esteemed Zombie Research Society will be making an appearance to discuss the realities of zombies. … Read entire article »

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Zombie Cookie Contest Seeking Undead Models

Here’s a rather interesting announcement that was sent over to me by dark fiction writer James Cheetham, announcing that the 2010 International Zombie Photo model search has begun in earnest. No, you did not misread that last sentence. Somewhere beyond your windows and down that road of yours, there is an international cookie contest seeking a zombie model. The contest is sponsored by Eric Maciejkow (I challenge you to say that his name three times in one breath) who happens to which seems pretty self explanatory. Evidently, after the success of last year’s cookie contest, both James and Eric are doing the contest again with celebrity judges ranging from the Hare Krishna zombie from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead to Jessica Cameron, a writer and … Read entire article »

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Zombies Take Manhattan

It looks like this month is going to have a whole bunch of Romero news. For awhile, I didn’t hear anything about the happenings of good old George, but these days, it seems like if I don’t hear something about him, then something must be wrong. I just logged onto Twitter and saw this article posted from his Twitter account. Evidently, in order to promote Survival of the Dead, Romero and friends rounded up four hundred corpses to storm downtown New York. Honestly, this sounds like an awesome zombie walk. Probably the best one ever. From the article: … Read entire article »

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ZomBCon and Other Dead Happenings in Seattle

Ryan over at ZomBCon wanted me to get out the word that this Halloween, there’s going to be a rather large zombie convention where you can find plenty of brains ripe for eating. These are the folks who organized the world’s largest zombie walk, thereby taking the crown from Pittsburgh. Grrr. Still, it sounds like a great time for the whole flesh eating family. There’s actually a whole ton of other stuff, so I pasted his press release verbatim. Here is what Ryan has to say: My name is Ryan Reiter, Creative Producer for the Fremont Outdoor Movies in Seattle. We created the cult hit Zombie Movie event last summer called Red, White and Dead last July 3rd and brought a Guinness World Record and … Read entire article »

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