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The Sacrifice Proves to be an Excellent Online Zombie Comic

By the time you read this, hopefully we’ll be in the best month of the year … you know … the time of year when you can cover yourself in bloody entrails and walk down the street without worrying about the cops pounding on your door. You can put severed heads on your lawn and instead of having of the swat team lining outside your house, children from all around the block will be excited to visit you. Oh yes … the month of Hallow-effing-ween. The great time of year when zombies go mainstream. What better way to get your zombie blood pumping than by reading the excellent comic book adaption of Left 4 Dead. I gotta say, it’s nice to see comic inspired from a video … Read entire article »

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Too Many Zombies Coming to an End

Almost a year ago, Jay – the creator of Too Many Zombies, picked himself up an iPod Touch and upon playing with it, he found himself making zombies. Not one or two zombies. But lots of them. Somewhere along the line, the idea blossomed into a full website whereby he posted a zombie a day with accompanying story. With zombie number 335 being posted this morning, Jay is only thirty zombies short of completing his project which begs the question … will there be more zombies or have the endless hordes come to an end? Here’s the announcement of the site over at … Read entire article »

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Lots of Zombies Invading Comics

If you have a preference for your undead to be splayed out on comic book pages as opposed to film or if you like comics in general, you might want to check out this article over at io9 which talks about the latest zombie infestations in comic books. There’s a lot of stuff in this article, but the most noteworthy thing is the fact that Image Comics is re-releasing the first episode of The Walking Dead for only a buck. That sounds like a done deal to me. … Read entire article »

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Night Zero – Mixing Live Action with Comic Books

If you are a big fan of comic books and you like stories about zombies, do yourself a favor and forget about The Walking Dead for a minute and swing on over to Night Zero. This is a really cool project. In short, this is a comic book produced in still photographs which mimic the dramatic angles of our favorite paneled past time (huzzah!). Dialog is written in comic bubbles over characters head making this look and feel like the real deal. … Read entire article »

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Pride, Predjudice, and Zombies — The Graphic Novel

Every day, there appears to be news item about the breakout hit Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies. First there was the announcement of a film, starring Natalie Portman. Soon, we have the prequel Dawn of the Dreaduls, hitting stores in only a couple of weeks (review coming shortly). And now, we have a graphic novel based off the book. Zombies are truly everywhere these days. I will say, zombies and comics go together like peanut butter and chocolate, so I am really looking forward to the release of this project. Also, the comic format allows the (re)writer to tone down a lot of the original Jane Austen prose which might raise some eyebrows from the literary crowd, but will certainly be a relief to the zombie loving one. … Read entire article »

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Zombie Ranch Going Strong

Even when the world is claimed by the legions of the dead, life still must move onwards. In fact, when it does move on, the living sometime need to take the dead with them. Such is the case with Zombie Ranch. We’ve seen these types of situations before in movies like Fido and American Zombie, but the twist in this tale is that the zombies who reside on this ranch are nothing but livestock. Captured for both their blood and rodeo work, Zombie Ranch follows the ranchers in their day to day lives from the perspective of a reality television show. When zombies are bought they are both tagged and branded. The branding helps for the eyeball recognition, while the tagging prevents any escapes a … Read entire article »

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Best Dead and Undead Comic Characters

Here’s a story that maybe of interest to both zombie lovers and comic lovers alike. Geek website Topless Robot has managed to compile a list of its top fifteen comic book characters that are both (un)dead and kick ass. Their research is pretty expansive which seems to cover a great many different comics. If you are comic book lover and looking for some new blood, this is definitely a great place to start. … Read entire article »

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