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A Very Cadaver Christmas

Either io9 is becoming a premium source for zombie news, or I’m getting a little bit lazy. I’m thinking it’s a little of the latter but in any case, they’re reporting on upcoming film that brings a little holiday cheer into slaying the living dead. Titled A Cadaver Christmas, the movie tells the story about a group of unlikely folks on a college campus who defend themselves from the undead horde. It sounds like your basic zombie siege film with a splash of comedy thrown into the mix. Here’s a little blurb that I finched from the official website: ‘Twas the night before Christmas… And somewhere a janitor mops the halls of a university… A drunk sits at a lonely bar while his faithful bartender serves him mug after … Read entire article »

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Bloody Distusting’s Top Killer Santa Movies

Christmas is a stressful time of year for Santa. In one fell swoop, he must cover thousands upon thousands of miles in a sled powered by flying and somewhat disgruntled reindeer. He must break into billions of homes, depositing presents while eating all the millions of cookies left for him. By the time the day is complete, he is pretty loaded from all the spiked eggnog and the bottle of Night Train he keeps in his sled. … Read entire article »

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas eve this fine Thursday night. There will be very light posting from here to the weekend with normal posting resuming on Monday. Have a wonderful holiday whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Just keep an eye out for funny walking Santa impersonators. Sure, they might have drank too much eggnog, or they might have been bitten by an infected kid. Better be safe than sorry, and run him over. Merry Christmas! … Read entire article »

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A Very Zombie Christmas Comic Book

Imagine being a ten year old, waking up one Christmas night to find the decomposed corpse of Santa eating your mother alive under the mistletoe. This is the feel I get from looking at the cover of this zombie themed Christmas comic. After all, there’s nothing quite like the depiction of an undead Santa chewing a bloody limb to give you goosebumps. Toy review site managed to get their hands on this comic and wrote a small review of on it on their site. … Read entire article »

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Zombie Christmas Music Discount!

Yesterday, I wrote about a new CD which takes our Christmas carols and mixes them with zombies. Think of Christmas Carolers who move from house to house not to sing songs, but to eat your brains … wearing Santa hats. Well the fine folks over at Zombie Christmas read the post yesterday and have graciously offered a discount to all A World on Fire visitors. Here’s how it works: Entering the code “aworldonfire” will allow you to download either of the singles “We Wish You A Zombie Christmas” & “Oh Come All Ye Dreadful” for FREE, or give you $1.25 off the whole album. This is an awesome deal just in time to celebrate the holidays. The only thing you’d need once the CD arrives is a Christmas tree and … Read entire article »

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Left 4 Dead 2 Gingerbread Cookies

Who would have thought boomer bile could taste so good? One enterprising soul, in both the Christmas and zombie spirit, decided to make gingerbread cookies with a Left 4 Dead 2 theme. Each major special infected zombie is represented. I particularly enjoyed the spitter and the charger’s deformed arm looks absolutely tasty. The problem with eating one of the Left 4 Dead 2 zombies is that once your sink your teeth into one, you just can’t stop. ooey-gooey left 4 dead 2 gingerbread zombies ( … Read entire article »

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A Very Zombie Xmas

With Christmas almost upon us, some of us are setting up the old Christmas tree, decorating it to the tunes of the holidays. Here’s an album that will really put you in the Christmas mood. Of course, it’s a Zombie Christmas. From the site: Zombie Christmas Record 2009 is a full album of your favorite Christmas classics. With zombies. Take a holiday journey through the stages of your classic Zombie Invasion from The Rise, through The Realization, The Fight, The Surrender and finally The Acceptance. The Zombie Christmas Record 2009 is the must-have perfect gift for all of your zombie-loving, zombie-killing, or zombie friends. … Read entire article »

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