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Eric Brown Intervews Tony Faville – Author of “Kings of the Dead”

Take a break from blogging and the whole world changes in but a blink. Last fall, I remember listening to a reading from Tony Faville’s self published book, “Kings of the Dead”. Six months later, it seems that Tony got his book picked up by Permuted Press and went on sale last week. Where the hell have I been? Tony’s a pretty awesome guy. I discovered him when I was trolling through Twitter back in the day and decided to check out who George Romero followed. Turns out that Tony was at the top of his list, so I was like, Hell Bells, I’ll follow him too. A little detour – I’m not a big fan of Twitter. It tends to get awfully … Read entire article »

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The Enemy by Charlie Higson

Imagine if you will, that a new kind of disease has spread over the countryside, causing sufferers to break out in boils and lesions before ultimately destroying any higher thought processes. There is is no cure for it and in a short amount of time, a once functioning society crashes to the rubble. Where there was once ample food, there are now roving packs of infected men and women, looking to eat anything they can get their hands on. Alive or dead. Now imagine that some people did manage to survive the plague except these aren’t ordinary people. These are children, scrambling between the ruins of a dead society in hopes of avoiding the adults. Thus we have the premise of Charlie Higson’s … Read entire article »

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Night of the Living Trekkies

Last February, a woman from Quirk Books contacted me in hopes that I would do a review of the soon to be released book, Dawn of the Dreadfuls. It sounded like a fun assignment and when I received my review copy, I immediately started reading it. Problem was … I couldn’t finish it. I was a good fifty pages into the book when I noticed I kept checking my pages and soon found myself making reading goals … “gotta make it to page 115 tonight”. Ultimately, I found myself avoiding the book like an unwelcome guest at party who, at the end of the night, doesn’t want to go home. The book, in a word, was bad. While it was technically well written, the plot, the characters, the … Read entire article »

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Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide – Dead Heat (and Movie Ratings)

Thumbing through Glenn Kay’s awesome book, Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide I found a relatively obscure zombie film starring none other than Joe Piscopo with Vincent Price being noted as a supporting actor. My god … did I find the white whale of cheese movies? Titled, Dead Heat, this movie sounds about as good as you can imagine it to be. Reading the blurb on it, Kay mentions how the MPAA forced the creators of the film to trim back some of the more obnoxious special effects else the movie would earn itself an X rating. Having recently watched Angels & Demons – a PG-13 film which features an assassin cutting open an investigators throat, a hanging priest being burned alive, and several officers being shot in … Read entire article »

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Conan the Barbarian and Zombies

In our current age when films seem to be solely composed of reboots, remakes, and re-imaginings, it really should come to no surprise that the film Conan the Barbarian is being remade and set for release next year. Some might curse to the high heavens because the original Conan was a pretty good fantasy film. While the film didn’t so much capture the Conan’s character, it did manage to show the spirit of Robert Howard’s stories. The film was the break-out role for Arnold Schwarzenegger. In it, he did a good job playing the wandering barbarian through several adventures as he attempts to avenge the death of his people. The follow-up film, Conan the Destroyer, became more of a comic book adventure. Instead … Read entire article »

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Paul is Undead

There’s certainly something funny about zombies. It can’t be denied. Watching a zombie film on its own without any sound, you might first start laughing before you realize that you were supposed to feel horrified. So, it’s no surprise that zombie movies often devolve into pretty good comedies. That said, I’m not a big fan of zombie comedies. It feels like an easy laugh for me like putting a guy in a dress so when a new zombie comedy surfaces, it’s gotta do a lot to sell me on it. Alas, this project does not. Titled Paul is Undead, this book follows the Beatles as if the band started a zombie apocalypse. I really can’t explain it any further but here’s a little blurb … Read entire article »

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Walking Dead – A Zombie Short Story

With the first draft of A World on Fire complete, I thought I’d put it away for a little bit so I could clear my head. The very next day, feeling a little disorientated about not having the draft in front of me, I opened it up and checked out the first chapter. Three hours later, I realized I had started on draft number two. It will still be some time before the final version of the book is out. I’ll pretty much keep rewriting until I don’t feel the need to vomit when reading it. My original goal was to complete it by June of 2010 but that’s pure fantasy at this point. If I finish the second draft by then, I’d consider … Read entire article »

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