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We’re Alive Scores One Million Downloads

KC Wayland and Shane Salk, co-creators and producers of the most excellent audio series We’re Alive, sent me a press release the other day which dropped my jaw to the floor, prompting my dog to eat it like a Snausage. This most excellent audio series has managed to be downloaded over a million times. A million downloads! Pretty ‘effin cool. But the accolades don’t stop there. The series was recently featured as Zune’s best drama podcast, getting a nice big fat center welcome to a series that has been in the works for over a year and a half. Son of a bitch – this podcast kicks ass in a take no kinds of prisoners way. … Read entire article »

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Musical of the Living Dead

Earlier today I received an email from a reader who has recently produced a zombie musical aptly titled, “Musical of the Living Dead”. I hear about a lot of zombie projects, ranging the gauntlet between professional to hand puppetry. Alas, there are far more in the latter than in the former, so I didn’t expect much. I’m happy to say I enjoyed this three minute clip. It’s light and airy like sprinkling pixie dust on a zombie apocalypse. Musical of the Living dead can be best described as a retelling of every standard zombie movie, hitting all the plot points and even including a romance with a couple promising to shoot each other in the head if one of them goes zombie. It’s pretty clever and … Read entire article »

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Mail Order Zombie 111 – Zombie 3, The Crazies, and Tony Faville

Another great podcast from BrotherD and Miss Bren with a lot of zombie news, plenty of good reviews, and a ton of information about Russian-Alaskan relations (funny stuff). This week MOZ dives deep into the Zombie 3 which like all other movies starting with the name “Zombie”, it has a gazillion other associated names. There is also a guest reviewer who takes a look at the Crazies. The podcast concludes with Tony Faville providing a reading from his newly released book, Kings of the Dead. … Read entire article »

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Mail Order Zombie 110 — Killer RV’s and Zombi 3

If you are looking to take an expresso shot of zombie news and movie reviews, you’d do no better than head over to Mail Order Zombie. Hosted by BrotherD and his wife Bren (best podcast voice out there), they cover all the zombie news of the day before diving deep into movie reviews. In short, if something is not quite alive but not quite dead and is shambling around looking for a cup of warm flesh, Mail Order Zombie will have it classified, reviewed, and displayed for your shotgunning pleasure. These are great productions. … Read entire article »

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The House of Cypresss Canyon

Sometimes it is nice to take a step back from our zombie friends and take a nice long drink of nightmare fuel. I find that one doesn’t need to go the local video store, but rather, all it takes is just a mouse click and a pair of headphones. Introducing the old time radio show Suspense. This program was the eight hundred pound gorilla back in the day, broadcasting new and scary shows throughout forties and fifties. Each week, the show put its star into a chilling situation that was calculated to leave you in “suspense”. And yes, it worked. Some of these shows are downright scary. … Read entire article »

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Casting the Runes

Edward Dunning is a middle aged bachelor who leads the life of a quiet English university professor. As Britain’s leading authority on medieval life, he is tasked to review a book on alchemy to which he writes a scathing review, considering the text to be rubbish. Not pleased with the criticism, the author finds Dunning, and hands him a piece of paper with ancient runes scrawled on it. Dunning’s life is never the same. From that day onward, his mild mannered routine devolves into a living nightmare. Strange Lovecraftian creatures fill the empty spaces of his house. Footsteps trail him through the dark, and in the mail, he receives a calender with most of the days torn out, informing Dunning that he has only three … Read entire article »

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Ghost Theory Wants You to Support We’re Alive

If you’ve followed this blog for any stretch of time, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of We’re Alive. I like this show not only because it tells the story of survival in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, but it does so in the long forgotten medium of a dramatic audio presentation. I’ve been a fan of old time radio for years, collecting several thousand different shows. I’ve listened to all types of productions from The Shadow to Dragnet to Yours Truly Johnny Dollar and I must say this production stands among the best of them. You can tell that the people behind this production are passionate about the material. The fact the show has continued for almost thirty episodes is a testament … Read entire article »

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