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Can Zombies Be Considered Vampires Lite?

One of the cool things about running this site is the chance to meet zombie lovers all over the world. It’s neat because zombie lovers tend to have strong feelings of their type of walking corpse and they usually aren’t shy of letting it be known. Thankfully, this site has avoided the irritating meltdowns of fast zombie versus slow zombie versus wonka wonka and it’s nice to hear the various opinions from all over. As you can imagine, I’ve heard a lot of ideas but the one prevalent idea that keeps returning over and over again is that zombies are created from zombie bites. Once you are bitten, you are dead. Ebert commented on this fact in his review of Survival of the Dead. In it, … Read entire article »

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Can Just One Zombie Be Scary?

Years upon years ago in what feels like another life, I remember hearing all the rage about a new sci-fi horror film. In it, a singular creature is set loose upon a crew of spacefacers ill equipped to deal with the threat. One by one, the crew members are picked off until a lone strangler manages to jettison the creature into deep space. The film, of course, is Alien and who would have thought that such a great movie could be made even better by addition of not just one other alien but a whole colony of them. … Read entire article »

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There’s One Born Every Minute (Zombies, of course)

Zombies, love ‘em or hate ‘em, have a particularly nasty habit of rising from the dead and eating our loved ones. Granted, they bring much joy to some people who would love nothing more than returning them from whence they came, Dirty Harry style. But for those of us just trying to get by, zombies can put a nasty funk on an otherwise good day. Video game site Kotaku has recently did a write up on the zombie apocalypse origin, noting how people have become “more” focused on the cause as opposed to the result. In summation, the article is saying that the people need to know why the dead has risen in order to suspend disbelief. The author then goes on to question some people in … Read entire article »

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Bumming Around Pittsburgh with Some Zombies

Here’s an article article from the science-fiction website io9 which displays a wealth of pictures of ZombieFest 2008 that was held at none other than … drum roll please … the Monroeville Mall. Sure, the news might be old, but the images themselves are great such as the giant brain held aloft on fold out chairs. One has to wonder the size of the head from which it was excavated. On a side note, Halloween might appear to be a distant spec on the horizon, but it is coming fast indeed. This year, we must do our best to have Pittsburgh reclaim the zombie capital of the world from Seattle. If any one is associated with the annual Halloween zombie walk over at Monroeville, give me a … Read entire article »

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Children of the Zombie Apocalypse

In the past month or so, I started a new segment on the site titled “What Would You Do?” which poses scenarios about the upcoming zombie apocalypse and how you would handle yourself in it. There’s been a whole bunch of interesting answers, but it has been Nicole’s answers that have really stood out for me because her answer isn’t just about her, but her children as well. … Read entire article »

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What is a Good First Zombie Movie?

With my daughter turning three this November, a very big day is coming onto the radar. What is that you ask? Her very first zombie movie. Okay, for the parents in the crowd who are holding their hands to their mouths in absolute horror, I won’t be introducing her to the world of zombies anytime soon. Well, that’s kind of a fib. Sometimes she watches me play Plants Versus Zombies and she also loves to play with my zombie Simpson’s figures which were a gift from a coworker. And well, she’s said the word zombie a couple of times, but I think she thinks of zombies as mutated fairy princesses as opposed to any brain eating folk. Well the big question … which zombie would you use … Read entire article »

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How Should the Zombie Genre Evolve?

Almost ten years ago, I remember seeing a clip of 28 Days Later and it was like falling in love for the first time. It just hypnotized me with images of a post-apocalyptic London and while those shots of Cillian Murphy wandering through the desolation captured my imagination, it was the feral out of control “zombies” that grabbed me by the throat. And granted, while the infected residents of a destroyed London weren’t technically zombies, I can tell you people were thinking zombies, for not only a year or so later, we saw running zombies take the streets in the Dawn of the Dead remake. Zombies were evolving. … Read entire article »

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