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Cockneys vs. Zombies

As the old saying goes, dying is easy but comedy is hard. Now combine them together – comedy and dying – and you got a little high risk / high reward thing going on. Unfortunately, I have found that most zombie comedies seem to fall short of the mark. I think it’s because zombies themselves are pretty funny and so, a lot of poorly written movies just don’t get beyond them. The great zom-coms truly embrace the genre. Comedy sparks from the intersection of characters and conflict and while a gag is funny from the film’s perspective, it is deadly serious in another perspective. … Read entire article »

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Post Apocalyptic Athens

While many of us do enjoy viewing splendid images of a derelict future, it’s quite another thing to remember that there are such places that exist today. What is truly remarkable is that such apocalypse can be found in the midst of a thriving populous city. Following the news, we all know Greece, and by that extension, the European Union is going through some tough times. Actually, let me rephrase that, most nations are going through tough times so it’s really not surprising to see any unused Olympic venues in such a state of decay. What really startles me is that it was eight years ago when the Greek games held the gaze of humanity. Eight years ago, the stadiums were buffed and shined for the world … Read entire article »

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Dead Sushi

Wow … two of my favorite things have been put together to make something that just sounds beyond belief. Yes … Zombie Sushi. I can’t write the title without laughing. It’s one thing to flee from a bunch of slow moving brain eaters but it is quite another thing to threatened by your dinner. It reminds me of an equally ludicrous film about a killer refrigerator aptly titled, The Refrigerator (No survivors. Only leftovers!). In high school, my friends and I consumed terrible movies like oxygen, so when we discovered The Refrigerator, we thought we had found one of the lost cities of gold. To our horror, the film actually turned out to be pretty good which in turn was funnier than it being bad. … Read entire article »

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The Run for Your Lives 5K

If you ever needed motivation to run a 5k, I believe I found the race just for you. It’s one thing to run with a bunch of other runners, but it’s an entirely different thing to be chased by a crowd of flesh eating zombies. Introducing the “Run for Your Lives 5K” and it sounds like a blast. ** BLOG ENTRY INTERRUPTION ** Let me just pause for a moment … running races is incredibly fun. It’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful day with a whole bunch of cheerful people. Trust me … nothing puts a smile on your face like a runner’s high and it is really such a blast to cross the finish line to the whoops and cheers of your fellow runners. … Read entire article »

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Left 4 Dead Fan Film & Some Left 4 Dead 2 News

It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Left 4 Dead 2 was released. I remember calling in sick for the day and pretty much camping out in front of my television. Since then, I’ve probably gunned down at least hundred thousand infected mamba-jambas, and it still doesn’t feel old. Needless to say, there are some other talented people who feel the same but enjoy portraying it in “real life”. Introducing a fan made live adaption of the game. Well, it sports a video game type overlay as well as showcases a typical Left 4 Dead health pack, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. There are no special infected lurking about, nor do any of the characters match any of the … Read entire article »

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Netflix Zombie List Updated

Just a quick shout out for those who don’t subscribe to the facebook page or my twitter feed (wink, wink). I just updated my list of zombie movies that you can find at Netflix. The list was two years out of date. Go figure. I’ll try and keep it up but check it out if you need an emergency 911 zombie flick. … Read entire article »

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Zombies Set Loose in NYC – Hilarity Enuses

You gotta love stuff like this, especially on the tail end of a very long Monday. It’s one thing to see people pretending to be zombies on the street, but how would you act if you actually did see a zombie on the street? I’m guessing there’d be a lot of head scratching followed by an immediate trouser dumping. Well, some unlucky New Yorkers got to experience that very real thing. Mind you, the zombies weren’t real (put down those chainsaws, guys). They were created by some incredibly talented make up artists whereby the flesh eaters were set loose on the streets with a camera crew in pursuit. Some of the reactions are absolutely hilarious with one child getting enough nightmare fuel to last him into … Read entire article »

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