RageImagine if you will … an ordinary Wednesday afternoon in the middle of June. Baseball season is in full swing. School kids start their summer vacations. The dreams of winter are long forgotten. That is, until ordinary storm clouds cough out a strange new snow.

Some say global warming while others call it a weather hiccup but before fresh powder turns to slush, people start noticing strange things.

Police wagons and military Humvees patrol the streets, random fights appear to break out on almost every street corner, and bizzare lethargic men and women wander aimless paths throughout the streets.

The appointed time is now at hand.

Welcome to A World on Fire. Yes, the dead do rise and governments do collapse. Families are shattered with both the old and young alike being consumed by ravenous hordes of corpses.

In short, no one gets out alive.

The story follows a teenager set adrift in the post-consumer apocalyptic nightmare where he must learn to survive by his own wit against both the living and the dead. With the knowledge of a way to stop the dead encapsulated in his own blood, Randell makes his way across the wasteland to the heart of New York City in the slim hope of ending the undead menace.

While a lot of zombie fiction boils down to sieges, survival tales, or long winded serenades to various forms of heavy weaponry, A World on Fire provides a different take on the genre. The story was inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard (creator of Conan the Barbarian), J.R.R. Tolkien (author of Lord of the Rings), and Stephen King (author the Dark Tower series).

At its heart, the story is an adventure story of a boy becoming a man, and that man becoming a king. While loaded with “thrills!, spills! chills! and romance!“, this pulp adventure story is also a meditation on what it means to be human when the only humans left are as savage as the hungry dead.

The story is told in six parts contained in the three books, “Rage”, “Penance”, and “Resurrection”. Each part will be available to purchase as a hard copy book or through Amazon’s Kindle. The first part will go on sale in 2011. I’ll be taking the traditional route first, and if a publication deal is unable to be secured, then each part will be made available on this website, through Kindle, and also through respective app stores.

While Randell story ends with the third book, the series may continue pending on reader response.