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Zombie Heroin Creates Zombies Without the Hunger

Zombie HeroinIt’s one thing to read about zombie apocalypses, and it’s also another thing to read it in the news. If the story about the bath salt zombie attack in Florida didn’t turn your gut, this should certainly stir up your dinner a little. This zombie news story takes kind of a twist. Instead of zombies attacking people, people are zombifying themselves with some nasty consequences.

This zombie drug is no joke. It is a mixture of household ingredients such as paint thinner, iodine, and gasoline and a bunch of other crazy stuff that makes me wonder how the hell to do people figure this out. It gets the user high as hell, but it’s pretty much a nuclear bomb on the user’s body.

From the article:

“Crocodile” gets its reptilian name because the toxic ingredients in the drug make user’s skin turn scaly, but that’s only the beginning. After longer use, addicts will develop rotting sores.

and how about this:

Pictures of krokodil in late-stage addicts are extremely disturbing. The flesh on their skin has become grey and peeled, some people’s bones are even showing — people are literally rotting to death.

For the truly brave, the article even includes a photo of a long time user. I imagine the photo will want to make you dunk your head in a toilet. I don’t know. I’m too chicken to look.

This drug is currently making the rounds in Russia, but it has yet to hit the shores of the US. I have a strong feeling that we will be hearing a lot about this wonder in the near future. It’s cheap. It’s effective. It’s creepy as hell.

God, what happened to the days of sniffing glue?

‘Zombie Apocalypse’ In Russia: Krokodil Drug Turns People Into ‘Zombies’ ( <- new window)

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5 Responses to "Zombie Heroin Creates Zombies Without the Hunger"

  1. JOHN says:

    Wow. Heard about this drug and thought the same thing about it when I heard a naked guy was found eating the face off another guy he attacked in my home country South Africa. Its almost too close to zombies for comfort right. Thanks for the article but I won’t look at the pictures.

  2. Bruce says:

    I looked at the pictures, those are some sexy beotches. People have to be pretty desperate to get into anything that causes your half your forearm to rot off.

  3. JG Michaels says:

    Good luck with your stories. When I get a chance I’m going to read that preview. I’ve also started a zombie series, maybe a tad late as well – but mine is short story based – and in ebook format. Just published the Halloween episode (episode 2) and am working on the Thanksgiving one. I read part of your previous posting and agree – it has helped me keep writing when I sometimes get lazy and skip a day or two or three. I’ll add your blog to my website as well.

  4. JoJo says:

    please check out these new Zombie Swapables by Hell Buddies, the home of creepy creations. Rip their heads off and swap them over

  5. While they may not be the long-dreaded flesh eating Hollywood version, they sure as hell have many of the same mindless characteristics that most people would associate with zombies.

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