Weapon Madness – Round Two – Ranged Weapon Contest: AK-47 versus Flare Gun

Weapon MadnessContinuing onward with Weapons Madness, we have an old matchup made new. I don’t have any of the results for this one so it’s good to get a second opinion. Enjoy!

Here’s a matchup that on the surface looks to be an easy winner, but before you go ahead and cast your vote, take a moment to think about this one because when you do … I think you’ll see that it’s not so clear cut as it appears. The key thing to remember that in a post apocalyptic situation, a machine gun can be a magnet to your location. If you aren’t shooting and moving, you’re basically ringing the dinner bell for all the undead near you. While the flare gun doesn’t have great kill potential, it does have great distraction potential. When the power is out and the dead is wandering the dark streets like lost sheep, a nice bonfire can open a closed road and if the neighborhood gang just happens to be the target of that said bonfire, then all the better.

In any case, as for last nights matchup … the hatchet went down swinging. The machete still reins king. I gotta say, I do like the utility value of the hatchet, but as Garrett mentioned on the Facebook page, a lot of swinging is gonna result in some rubbery arms. Personally, I wouldn’t want to get close enough to a zombie to get into the wet work, but then again, I’d be lucky to survive the first few days. Sure, I can write about the upcoming zombie apocalypse but those skills don’t translate well into survival skills.

Here’s the breakdown for tonight’s matchup:


Pros: great range, rugged gun, able to tackle individuals or hordes
Cons: requires ammo, makes noises, other survivors may try to fight you for it

Flare Gun

Pros: could burn the zombie’s eyes out, can create distraction, silent but deadly
Cons: one shot wonder, specialized ammo, could create an angry flaming zombie

Just a reminder about the judging. These are Romero type zombies. They are slow and sluggish. Headshots or decapitations will kill them. Bites will lead to probable infection, then death. You should judge a weapon based on its effectiveness against one zombie to an entire horde. A weapon does not need to be lethal to be effective. If it buys you some time to escape, then it should be looked on with favor.

So which do you think will make for a better zombie killing weapon?

Updated Weapons Bracket

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