Weapon Madness – Round Two – Melee Weapon Contest: Hammer vs Pitchfork Revisited

Weapon Madness – Round Two – Melee Weapon Contest: Hammer vs PitchforkThe other night, I was thinking about getting an old fashioned zombie movie bracket going again, when I realized that I never finished the weapon madness bracket. In fact, when we last left off – oh, I don’t know – two years ago, we were pitting the hammer versus a pitchfork. I have no idea about the results of that trial, so here it is again.

The Bracket so far

Which one would you take in a zombie apocalypse?


Pros: can use as a makeshift crowbar, could break bone, light on the arms
Cons: hammering nails could raise attention, damage pending on arm strength, useless against multiple zombies


Pros: can pin a zombie to a wall, could be used push back multiple zombies, long swing radius
Cons: could get stuck in a zombie, could be cumbersome going through doors, breakable handle

Just a reminder about the judging. These are Romero type zombies. They are slow and sluggish. Headshots or decapitations will kill them. Bites will lead to probable infection, then death. You should judge a weapon based on its effectiveness against one zombie to an entire horde. A weapon does not need to be lethal to be effective. If it buys you some time to escape, then it should be looked on with favor.

So which do you think will make for a better zombie killing weapon?