Nothing Like A Summer Wedding — Zombie Style

Zombie WeddingHere’s a little tidbit from the Odds and End department. A young Washington couple wanted do a little something different for their wedding, so they decided to have a parade of the undead. Ahh yes, there’s nothing like mixing the stress of a wedding with an unstoppable horde of fleshing eating corpses.

The usher’s job must have been hilarious — “Bride, Groom, or Undead”. And while the answer to the last group may seem obvious, I have been to weddings when it really wasn’t the case.

It’s a little hard to see the photo I posted, but that’s the minsitor holding two guns, getting ready to do his business. A shotgun wedding, indeed.

So what was the reason for such a day?

The Zombies crashed the wedding free of charge, but they did accept donations for brain cancer. Posenauer says the money is going to the Chris Elliott Foundation who does research for brain cancer.

The cause is especially dear to the groom’s heart who suffered a brain aneurysm. “This makes it an ever bigger thing for us because my mom has had brain surgery before and so it just seems like a great cause. It just really fit with everything we wanted to do today,” says Fulks.

The quoted passage is a little wonkish as I’m guessing the mother had the aneurysm, although I’m not sure. Maybe I should run it through Google translate.

In any case, enjoy the vid.

NBC Right Now/KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA |

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