A World on Fire Book Status – August 2012

A World on FireWow … hard to believe this project is going on five years, but there it is. At nights, when I can’t hear that inner critic with a crowbar, I comfort myself by remembering that the Lord of the Rings took seventeen years to produce. It’s cold comfort, of course, but it makes me sleep better.

The idea of the series started as a way to keep me writing daily, and like all writers, I’ve found myself “distracted” by many other things. This web site being one of them. I could list them all but I’m boring myself just to think of them. So what’s the status of the project? Well, not so good.

The first book is drafted with the first half done. The second book is 25% complete and the third book is awaiting ground breaking. Yes, this is a very depressing revelation. In these five years, I’ve watched the zombie market explode and now as I make a concerted effort to wrap this up, I’m watching the national interest fade. Oh well. I’ve always been late to things. Why start now?

So what’s the plan? In short. Finish. The. Series. I have 92 writing days ahead to finish both books, after which, I’ll be wrapping up the first book. Once complete, I’ll start querying agents while completing the final two books. I have to have the entire series done by the end of next year.

Some people write spec novels. I decided to write a spec trilogy. All I can say is … never again. When I jumped into this ocean, I couldn’t even fathom how deep it really went. Thankfully I love the characters and the story as a whole. Some day, I hope you will feel the same.

Now back to writing.

PS – if you would like to read the first chapter, you can check out this preview over here. Feel free to leave comments.