Post Apocalyptic Six Flags

Zombies and apocalypses go together like peanut butter and chocolate. They’re just so damn good together that each one feels kind of empty on its own. When I bump into a zombie movie that does not have an apocalyptical element, I can’t help but to feel disappointed like I paid full price for half a movie. The same goes with straight old apocalyptic films. But mix them together just right with a dash nihilism, I’m all set for the rest of the day.

And then things get weird when I see pictures of a real life apocalypse. I’m always looking around the edges of the photo for our zombie friends. Alas, this set of pictures does not have zombies in it, but it does provide a glimpse of a world without people in it.

The cause of the apocalypse was Hurricane Katrina. The place was Six Flags. The amusement park was deserted before the hurricane and when the flood waters receded, the suits decided to leave it derelict. The years passed by and the once fun summer getaway has turned into a nightmare apocalypse without the zombies.

It’s kind of creepy to see the silent roller coasters silhouetted against an overcast sky without a balloon in sight. The following article links to a video journal of the place, including the creepy music. It’s pretty good in a end of everything we know kind of way. And once you wet your whistle with the apocalypse, feel free to check out my Apocalyptic Visions wallpaper section of the site. Creepy music not included.

Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans video is creeping us out ( <- new window)

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