Funereal Home Advertises for The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadIn what can only be described as “you got to be kidding me”, an English funeral home managed to do two things at once. One side of the building provided assistance and planning for the death of a loved one. The other side promoted a show that gave instruction on what to do when that loved one has returned as a zombie. I’d say that’s one funeral home that has all the bases covered.

Evidently, the funeral home was farming out its ad placements through Clear Channel who filled the billboard space with the brainless efficiency of one who hates his job but has nothing better to do. Honestly, I think the home could have really capitalized on the placement by opening a gun shop on the other side of the home.

From the article:

A spokesman for the Co-operative Funeralcare said its premises in Consett were leased.

He said: ‘It is disappointing that we were not consulted as this advert could cause unnecessary distress.

‘When the billboard site was erected, we were assured that no insensitive adverts would be featured.’

While I can definitely understand the sensitivity issues, it’s definitely pretty funny.

Now that IS product placement! Billboard for zombie show The Walking Dead posted on side of a FUNERAL PARLOUR