We’re Alive Scores One Million Downloads

We're AliveKC Wayland and Shane Salk, co-creators and producers of the most excellent audio series We’re Alive, sent me a press release the other day which dropped my jaw to the floor, prompting my dog to eat it like a Snausage. This most excellent audio series has managed to be downloaded over a million times. A million downloads! Pretty ‘effin cool.

But the accolades don’t stop there. The series was recently featured as Zune’s best drama podcast, getting a nice big fat center welcome to a series that has been in the works for over a year and a half. Son of a bitch – this podcast kicks ass in a take no kinds of prisoners way.

The story starts when a group of National Guardsman report to their base to find it empty. Riots are breaking out across Los Angeles, and before the soldiers have time to process the events, rage infected people storm the small base in hopes of killing the men. The soldiers manage to escape and they find a deserted apartment building. They make themselves home in a new wasteland, rescuing survivors, and trying to jump start humanity.

The series currently spans over fourteen chapters broken into three segments, the show can rightfully said to contain forty two episodes. And I’m not talking about shows recorded in a basement while the some dude shakes cardboard for a sound effect. These are professionally recorded productions and trust me, when the bodies start to pile up amongst screams and machine gun fire, you’re blood will be boiling.

If you haven’t listened to the series, do yourself a favor and download it. You’ll love every minute of it. Until the end … where you have to wait for the next episode :)

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