Harrodsburg Zombie Walk

Zombie WalkI tell ya – no matter how crappy the day – just seeing some pics from a local zombie walk will always produce a smile from me. In fact, just the other day, I was trolling the web for some interesting zombie tidbits when I encountered this post over at Living Dead Media about a zombie walk in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

By Seattle standards, this is a small zombie gathering looking only to have only twenty people or so. But while it lacks in numbers, it makes up in style. Just looking at the pictures, you can see some pretty cool looking dead people with one person obviously being a big fan of Day of the Dead.

Also, it’s nice to see all the happy faces (albeit smeared with blood and entrails) and you can see in the group photo that a bunch of families attended. Years ago, children went to company picnics. These days, we cover them in blood and watch them play in the street :) I gotta say, I also like that the group broke into a Thriller dance. If there’s one thing zombies do well — it’s eating and dancing.

Note — Since I couldn’t link directly to the blog post, I linked to the printing page. Definitely check out the rest of the site for some other good zombie stuff.

Zombie Walk Invasion Harrodsburg KY 2010 (livingdeadmedia.com <- new window)
Living Dead Media (livingdeadmedia.com <- new window)