Tape It or Die! for Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2For video game lovers such as myself, August most definitely lives up to its reputation of being filled with dogged themed days. With developers priming their releases for the holiday season, most of them skip over the heatwave month in fear of their product being forgotten in a stampede of spartan soldiers and plastic guitar wielding rhythm gamers.

I remember in the summer of 2006, we faced a similar August except one game was released that won the hearts and minds of many a zombie lover — Dead Rising. It was a fun game for sure, taking on the zombie horde in nothing but your underwear, but the game had some serious issues that turned a fun game into a teeth grating exercise of patience. Does the name Otis ring a bell?

Thankfully, the fine folks over at Capcom are taking another stab at the game, hopefully fixing many of the first one’s most irritating flaws. With multplayer being added along with the ability to craft weapons, it sounds like it’s making some great progress. Killing zombies with a friend never gets old, especially if you trip him when he’s not looking ;)

Speaking of weapon crafting, the site Tape It or Die recently launched to not only promote the game, but also to promote good old fashioned homebrew zombie killing. In fact, if you’ve got some clever ideas and send it to them, you just might see your weapon in a future Dead Rising game. From the site:

Photos, video, sketches, paintings – heck, even stories and poems if they help us stay alive! Just send us ideas. We’ll even reward the people who send the best/most popular stuff, with the ULTIMATE WEAPON actually appearing in the next Dead Rising game.
Act fast or we’re gonna be zombie chow. If we’re going down, we want to go down with a fight.

Right now, the first weekly winner is a jack-hammer/shovel combination. Think you can do better than that? I know you can. Check it out.

Tape It or Die (tapeitordie.com <- new window)

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