Zombies in Disneyland

Zombies in DisneylandFor those of you who own Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC, a special treat has come your way by way of an enthusiastic mapper who loves both zombies and Disneyland. I’ve seen some pretty clever maps for Left 4 Dead, but this one is pure gold. The mapper has managed to recreate Disneyland’s Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction and I gotta say, having spent many a day at Disneyland (I used to work for Disney’s internet group some time ago) the mapper managed to get the attraction just right.

It’s quite an impressive achievement as many subtle things have been recaptured like the ambient sound you hear while you are waiting in line. There’s also attraction video projected on the far wall and even the audio asking riders to buckle up. It’s quite an impressive feat.

That said, I don’t think it would make for a good Left 4 Dead map. For one thing, the ride is especially linear with barely any ambush points. A lot of the map can be circumvented by simply avoiding the ride itself and while it may be fun to kill zombies inside the attraction, it’s far too easy to skip through it.

I’m not trying to diminish the effort, just pointing out the fact that when people play Left 4 Dead – especially against other people – there’s not a whole lot of sight seeing. It’s a mad dash to the end. Sure … this is a cool sight seeing exercise but it’d be even cooler for an experienced campaign designer to get his hands on the source files and alter the attraction so that it will be fun to play against other people.

Indiana Jones’ Disneyland ride becomes a digital diorama using Left 4 Dead (io9.com <- new window)