Cuisine Week at The Zed Word

The Zed WordWhen popular zombie blog The Zed Week celebrates an event known as Cuisine Week, you can sure as hell bet that it is going to be interesting. I can tell you straight-out that your favorite foods will definitely not be on the menu. In fact, there is only one item to be served. And that’s you. Very rare and very bloody. Tartare to the extreme.

So what is happening over at the Zed Word? Straight from the zombie’s mouth:

* Reviews of tasty flicks Die-ner (Get It?), Gore-Met, and Flesheater
* Tips for hosting the perfect Zombie Dinner Party
* A meaty interview with Kings of the Dead author Tony Faville
* Contest: Win an official Eat Me! apron
* Much more!

Sounds pretty fun. More to come, I’m sure :)

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