Weapon Madness – Round Two – Melee Weapon Contest: Crowbar vs Fireaxe

Weapon Madness – Round Two – Melee Weapon Contest: Crowbar vs FireaxeAhh … here’s a matchup that makes the insides of me glow with affection. These are two of my favorite melee weapons. I’m looking to forward to reading the discussion on this one.

But let us backtrack for just a moment to see how the last matchup turned out. Believe it or not, but people actually preferred a gun to a set of throwing knives against the undead. Actually surprised me was that the throwing knives made it to the second round. That said, there wasn’t much to discuss. A tired throwing arm versus a sore trigger finger … which would you choose?

Now for the next matchup … crowbar versus fire axe, or better put, Gordon Freman versus Smokey the Bear.


Pros: Sharp and blunt edges, curved loop can act as tripping hook, relatively lightweight
Cons: Metal could produce painful vibrations, not a one hit kill weapon, would take a lot to kill a zombie

Fire Axe

Pros: can crush through skulls with ease, good repulse weapon, good decapitation potential
Cons: can tire the arms, blade can be dulled, handle could break

Just a reminder about the judging. These are Romero type zombies. They are slow and sluggish. Headshots or decapitations will kill them. Bites will lead to probable infection, then death. You should judge a weapon based on its effectiveness against one zombie to an entire horde. A weapon does not need to be lethal to be effective. If it buys you some time to escape, then it should be looked on with favor.

So which do you think will make for a better zombie killing weapon?

Updated Weapons Bracket