Left 4 Dead Raging on the Mac

Left 4 DeadThere’s some great news for all you Mac users out there. Valve just announced that they will be porting Left 4 Dead to the Mac. This, in itself, is not very interesting but the big brains at Valve have incorporated the Mac into their build process, meaning Mac users will now be able to play future Steam games on the same day as the PC release.

Steam games? That’s right, Steam is also being ported to the Mac. It will be available for Mac users with the launch of Portal 2.

The best news yet … if you already own a Steam account and if you’ve purchased Valve games, you will be able to download the Mac version of the software without charge. I literally danced in my chair when I read that. Quite honestly, the only reason I was going to install my windows partition was so I could access my Valve games.

The thing to note: this only appears viable for Valve games. I’m guessing this won’t have anything to do with older third party games that you might have in your library. And one other thing … multiplayer will be platform agnostic so Mac users will be taking on PC users in style.

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