Survival of the Dead Featured in April’s Fangoria

FangoriaMany thanks to Brandon Nichols over at mPRm Public Relations for looping the A World on Fire community on the latest news for George Romero’s next film. Horror magazine Fangoria is doing a lengthy feature on the upcoming film in the April issue before the actual XBox release on May 1st.

Ahhh … Fangoria. Brings back memories of my freshman year of college where I had a stack of them on my night stand for late night reading. It made for great nightmare fuel, but it also introduced me to Guillermo del Toro who would later rock my world with The Devil’s Backbone, and then smash it with Pans Labyrinth.

When I received the news of the upcoming issue, I headed over to Fangoria’s site to cull some information about the article, but I ran into a “under construction” page which links to their backup blog. It was a sad sight to see. The once great magazine of gore, chainsaws, and all things horrible appears to be reduced to every other blog I’ve seen in the past few years. I hope this is a quick transition and not indicative of times to come.

Moving on …

Survival of the Dead is looking to be released on May 1st on the XBox marketplace followed by a limited screening in theaters yet to be determined. If you don’t feel like waiting and you live in the NYC area, you can catch a screening at the Lincoln Center this weekend. At the time of this posting, tickets are still available so dig it. Otherwise, see you in May. Virtually, of course and then maybe in the theater in June.

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