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What Would You Do? – Day Four: Out of the Frying Pan …

What Would You Do? - Day Four: From Bad to WorseThis is turning into a rather fun exercise. I must say, I’m enjoying the wide variety of answers, but the trophy must go to Nicole for her rather thoughtful albeit scary response to the question. Why scary? She mentioned watching her children while taking care of her husband. Outside of the excellent short film Chemical 12D, there hasn’t been a whole lot of thought about kids during a zombie apocalypse.

Here’s what she had to say:

I would call the hospital. Assuming its as crowded as you’ve said, I would probably not get through. My mom is a nurse, and she would be next on my call list. Assuming she didn’t pick up (she rarely does in the best of times) I would start cruising the internet, trying to find the best way to care for my sick family member.

As far as the neighbor, I’d open my window and ask if he was ok. If he started moaning and chomping his teeth or something, I’d probably lock my husband in our bedroom. I’d still take care of him, though. I’d just lock the door every time I left. I’d walk him to and from the bathroom myself, and deal with the backlash from the kids when they couldn’t play with daddy.

Great stuff. The other thing I liked about the post is that she answered her immediate response with detail as opposed to a generalized one. So definitely give specifics … unleash the writer inside of you.

Well, onto Day four:

Your significant other is close to dying and asks you leave but you can tell that he or she is lying. Rioting is breaking out in major cities and the highways are starting to get clogged. Worse still, is the group of seemingly drunk neighbors who look to be surrounding a house down the street, trying to break into it. You hear about a checkpoints being created by the National Guard and the local gym being designated as a shelter. Your work friend calls to say that she saw what looks to be a bank run on your branch.

What do you do?

Remember: You must answer this honestly. You must close your eyes and put yourself in the imagined situation and tell me what YOU would do. Not what you would want to do or what Max Brooks advises you to do.

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33 Responses to "What Would You Do? – Day Four: Out of the Frying Pan …"

  1. As I am probably not qualified to figure out how close someone is to dying from an unusual illness so I’d stick around. Besides, where would I go with riots and jammed highways?
    If people are starting to break into homes down the street then it is time to load the Saiga-12 shotgun with a 12 round mag, bolt the door, and sit down to watch the news.
    Bank run, smank run. If there is rioting and looting I could care less about a bank full of useless paper.
    I still note there is no evidence of zombie action at this point. Unless the “drunk neighbors” are… is that Bill gnawing on Jimbo’s thigh?

  2. Dan says:

    By this point, I’m already gone. As soon as my wife got lesions I would have seperated her from me and my son. I’m not going to risk my child’s life for anything not even the woman I love. I’m not going to the checkpoints either, they are no doubt full of sick (infected) people just seems like a bad plan, with riots and whatnot already happening and “drunk neighbors” breaking into houses I’m loading up the gun and getting out! But then again I would have left for sure on Day 3.

  3. Dan says:

    OH and as for the bank run Idea… No thanks I’m not going to risk it. I’ve got a son to think of.

  4. I’d sobbingly leave my dying husband with enough medicine to either kill himself or treat the pain until he’s dead. I would lock him in our room, with a bucket, after taking probably about a weeks’ worth of clothing.

    I would take my sons’ beds and move them into the basement, along with any food and drinks that would not spoil, especially water. The mobs and drunk neighbors are terrifying, and I would not want to be anywhere with windows. Since I don’t know they’re zombies, I would set up camp in the basement, with the kids.

    I would get diapers and kids’ toys, medicine, vitamins, blankets and pillows, books for both me and the kids, and I would bring my laptop. I have no idea how I would comfort or console them about their dad, but I do know that I would die protecting them before I ever left them behind.

    I would also start trying to reach relatives. I’d want my mother-in-law with me, and my parents and brother. My father and mother-in-law are excellent under stress, and my mom is a nurse (though admittedly not so great under pressure.) I would also grab any seeds, pots, and potting soil I have in the house. Looting is a scary thing, and I have no idea how long the kids and I are going to be stuck in the basement. We are (unfortunately) a gun-free house, so I’d be looking for and stock-piling weapons that I could use against anyone who did break into my house.

    This would probably be where a lot of people would disagree with me, but if I saw any people who weren’t sick, I would want them to join me, especially if this illness and the mobs didn’t just blow over. I can’t leave a 3 and 4 year old alone to scavange, and I know that no matter how well I prepare, (which probably isn’t all that well,) I’m going to have to leave the house at some point to either get supplies or secure a safer location.

    I would NOT be leaving for a safehouse, or trying to take the kids anywhere. Getting the kids strapped into the car would certainly attract the attention of the “drunk mob” trying to break into my neighbor’s house.

    1. Did I mention that I’d LOCK us in the basement? I think I forgot to say that, but I would.

      1. c.c. says:

        in a basement to be blunt where is the outhouse? elimination of waste disposal of waste will be a big problem in a locked basement.

        1. We have a bathroom in our basement.

          1. Strife26 says:

            Still a bit risky if the water goes out, but okay. If there’s a sink, you’ve also got a source of water. My basement got destroyed so, sadly, it’s not that good of an option for me.

          2. c.c. says:

            what happens if the water is shut off
            toilets can run without water
            thanks for getting me to think of eliminating waste. i believe outdoor specialist migh use a lye solution. i must check on that.

          3. c.c. says:

            what about air vents. humans smell
            humans cough,fart,bump,sweat, all this in a basement. lets hope the stay in the basement is not long. oh yeah how about power for lights. where are you gonna put the smelly trash. you got me thinking
            i wish i had the answers bye

          4. *shrug* I wouldn’t be expecting any of that. I wouldn’t be expecting to be stuck in my basement more than a couple days, and we almost never lose power here, so while I might grab a flashlight and some batteries, its not something that would be at the forefront of my mind. With the mobs outside, the locked basement is safer, even if its less comfortable. And its not like I can’t leave the basement…I would just be locking dangerous people out. I also realize that this is a MISERABLE plan for a zombie outbreak, but it’s what I would do.

          5. c.c. says:

            i agree with you
            it better to have some plan than just going apeshit. sounds like your a strong person.
            just hope the stay not a long one. we all hope it not a long one . REMEMBER KATRINA.
            good luck to you and family

    2. My husband asked if I’d really leave the main part of the house before he was dead…and I think I probably wouldn’t. So I guess I would lock all the doors and windows, and close all the shades and curtains in an attempt to make the house look as abandoned as possible. After he died, assuming he didn’t immediately reanimate, I’d leave him in our bed, then do all that stuff I said earlier.

  5. Strife26 says:

    I guess we’ll assume that I’m still at my house right now. While I could simply jump in my truck and head south (fun being on the ungodly south edge of town) I’ve made promises to friends about things like this. Get all my inside survival kits together, suit up with my Dad’s 1st Armored BDU jacket, my BDU pants, combat boots, and trenchcoat. Grab all of my knives and my E-tool. Get the ladder to the roof set up. Get my house and cell phone and get on the roof. Take a peek at the mob with my binos and/or the scope of my R700. Start getting calls from a number of people (I’ve got at least ten people who’ve agreed that my house is a really good place to get to in the opening stages of a natural disaster, river access, low population density, my preparedness is somewhat famous).

    1. c.c. says:

      can you trust those ten people not to talk and soon you got a mob trying to kill you and take what you work so hard for.
      i love the roof with the water for access. love to hear more about how you roof will be fortified. rather be uptop than in a basement. wish i was one of your ten.

      1. Strife26 says:

        I’d welcome a human mob. People, I can use. It’s either my weakness or strength, but I place my trust in humanity. Get my mob working together, if need be, we can get stuff from the nearest houses. This is Fargo, I’m sure we’d average better than a shotgun a house.

        My house isn’t that easy to fortify, unfortunately. I’ve got a few plans if I had enough time, I’d board the windows lower windows (there’s only one large set on the ground level) then get a decent sandbag wall covering the four foot gaps in the back (the rest of the back is nicely covered by a eight foot straight drop). Keep the ladder set to the top of the deck, smash the stairs to the bottom deck. I doubt that I’d have much luck getting my houses staircases destroyed, considering it’s a split level. However, my house has the major advantages of being on the river, and being on the far outskirts of town. Not that many people to zombify, no?

  6. Strife26 says:

    You know, it’ll be pretty tough to keep this going with single answers for the next week. Would it be allowable if were to GM a game in forum continuing these broken off paths?

    1. Strife … absolutely … what are thinking of?

  7. c.c. says:

    after writing to nicole and strife26 they have well thoughtout plans. they are very lone term one short. REMEMBER KATRINA. i have no one but myself to care so…i take my friend jack daniels and my 45cal… and say goodnight gracie… the coward’s way out.. maybe… i just hope nicole and strife26 make it …society gonna need strong folks like them…

    1. or…you could come stay in my dark stinky basement. :p

    2. Strife26 says:

      Why give up? Mental preparedness is the keystone of all survival. Rage against the night, to the last.

  8. ryanWalk says:

    It sucks but my wife is a goner the sooner I accept it the better. I would give her all the medication I could, food and water and the TV remote and let her sleep. If she needs me she can call me on my cell or yell through the locked door. The first news I hear of Rioting I am boarding up my doors and windows as fast as possible (kitchen table and closet doors are a good source of spare wood). The basement is a place for a last stand, so I would chill on the main floor. I would double check my assortment of hand guns and rifles while I watched the news, at a low volume of course. At this point I would expect the worse so I would fill the bathtubs up with water and any other waterproof container and try to eat the perishable foods first. No matter what stage of a zombie attach you are in you always need an exit strategy so I would pack my exit backpack up and wait for the real shit to hit the fan.

  9. Some things I’d like to point out concerning this scenario: there is no death toll reported from this so called infection, no reports of cannibalism or other strange behavior, no sign of complete breakdown in infrastructure.

    If any of us are claim we would do anything we hadn’t done during say the LA Riots (’92), Hurricane Katraina (ala c.c), Y2K, SARS and N1H1 outbreaks, or during the various winter storms this year I think we are stretching it a bit.

    Seriously, at this point ensure the weapons are loaded and functioning. Double check that you have what you want in your bug out gear. Have multiple plans to exit your home and get to your vehicle. Take stock of what supplies you have in the house. Contact any like minded friends and relatives to go over any short term plans if applicable.

    Here is my question to the group: What kind of people are in your circle of “survivors” and what do they bring to the table?

    1. Had I been in LA during the LA Riots, I would have hidden in my basement. Mobs terrify me. Also, I didn’t lose any family members to any of those viruses. And Hurricanes aren’t even in the same ballpark. I’d have bugged out when during the evac period if I knew a Hurricane was coming.

  10. KZ says:

    I’d have probably ignored it for the first three days. But by the time the National Guard is creating checkpoints and we’re establishing shelters, you can assume that this isn’t SARS, bird flu, or pig flu. This is something serious. I’d narrow it down to two scenarios: The Stand, or The Zombies. In either case, I would respond the same way.

    Either leave the significant other or kill her. Probably the latter. It’s more humane and I can recognize a dying person when I see one. I’ve seen people die slowly of disease. It’s not the way I’d choose to go. Don’t want to go to the hospital, it’s going to be an absolute madhouse, and by the time she’s this far she’d be way in the back of any decent professional triage system. In all likelihood, she’d be left to die in the hallway while they worked on “saveable” people.

    After that… I live a decent bit out into the country, so I’d be out of the way of most serious traffic. I’d get my gear(clothes, food, handgun, ammo, shotgun, rifle, camping/survival gear) in the truck and head to a coworker’s place that’s way out in the country. It’s not a proper safehouse, but I don’t have a proper safehouse. What it is is isolated, on a hilltop, and made of stone, and until they make an Internet transmitted disease, they ain’t gonna be sick there. Plenty of food there, and livestock as well.

    From there, wait it out and see what happens next.

    1. KZ says:

      Edit: Honestly, zombies probably wouldn’t be a serious thought at this point. Sure, I’d think of them, but that’s an Internet reflex. A “Captain Trips” type super-flu is what I’d be expecting here. The initial preparations are the same, though.

  11. Jamie says:

    I would give my wife a shotgun and shells as Shaun did for Ed in Shaun of the Dead for her medication. Then head for another estblishment named the Winchester.

    Shaun: As Bertrand Russell once said, “The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.” I think we can all appreciate the relevance of that now.
    Liz: Was that on a beer mat?
    Shaun: Yeah, it was Guinness Extra Cold.
    Liz: I won’t say anything.
    Shaun: Thanks.

  12. Anna Sanchez says:

    Well in my case it wouldn’t be a significant other, it’d be my parents. They’d have each other, so I’d be willing to leave them alone, checking on them once in a while. In the meantime, I’d start reinforcing my house. I’d rather not have scary drunks (or anyone else) breaking in, thank you very much.

  13. Kitty says:

    Well with all knowledge I have and my crazy dad…something tells me we’d have windows and doors boarded up..All healthy people and weapons ( my dads an NRA member for do the the math)up in the attic, all sick on lower levels…and sit and wait…Continue to prob the internet for information as it comes in..and plan accordingly if we need to move locations…or if one of our sick dies…

  14. Kitty says:

    edit: My dad would claims zombies or terrorism right off the bat, and we have enough food in my basement to keep us very welly feed for months same with water…my dads insanity will do me some good for once…

  15. Ryan Kuhn says:

    I own a shot gun and some ammo so i can handle rioters, but i would go to a 2 story motel and wait it out for fear of my house being broken into. as for my girlfriend, if shes lying to me she can find her own refuge

  16. Daniel says:

    i would take everything i could gather, food weaponry and my mom and load up the car making sure my moms arms are tied with the seatbelt in case any sudden zombie-ism might occur, drive to a 2 story motel and make shelter there, then i would call up any friends and family member just to check out what they’re doing about the situation

  17. zombiejim says:

    We don’t have any guns in the UK so we’d be stuffed have lots of castles to fortify though.leave any of the infected behind get as much food as I can find get to a castle and settle down and listen to man bites zombie who have the soundtrack to the Zombie Apocalypse.

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