What Would You Do? – Day Four: Out of the Frying Pan …

What Would You Do? - Day Four: From Bad to WorseThis is turning into a rather fun exercise. I must say, I’m enjoying the wide variety of answers, but the trophy must go to Nicole for her rather thoughtful albeit scary response to the question. Why scary? She mentioned watching her children while taking care of her husband. Outside of the excellent short film Chemical 12D, there hasn’t been a whole lot of thought about kids during a zombie apocalypse.

Here’s what she had to say:

I would call the hospital. Assuming its as crowded as you’ve said, I would probably not get through. My mom is a nurse, and she would be next on my call list. Assuming she didn’t pick up (she rarely does in the best of times) I would start cruising the internet, trying to find the best way to care for my sick family member.

As far as the neighbor, I’d open my window and ask if he was ok. If he started moaning and chomping his teeth or something, I’d probably lock my husband in our bedroom. I’d still take care of him, though. I’d just lock the door every time I left. I’d walk him to and from the bathroom myself, and deal with the backlash from the kids when they couldn’t play with daddy.

Great stuff. The other thing I liked about the post is that she answered her immediate response with detail as opposed to a generalized one. So definitely give specifics … unleash the writer inside of you.

Well, onto Day four:

Your significant other is close to dying and asks you leave but you can tell that he or she is lying. Rioting is breaking out in major cities and the highways are starting to get clogged. Worse still, is the group of seemingly drunk neighbors who look to be surrounding a house down the street, trying to break into it. You hear about a checkpoints being created by the National Guard and the local gym being designated as a shelter. Your work friend calls to say that she saw what looks to be a bank run on your branch.

What do you do?

Remember: You must answer this honestly. You must close your eyes and put yourself in the imagined situation and tell me what YOU would do. Not what you would want to do or what Max Brooks advises you to do.