Dead Rising 2 … Killing Zombies with Your Creativity

Dead RisingDead Rising was a missed opportunity for me. I loved the idea of living a George Romero nightmare, but I felt the game tripped all over itself. Although the save system created high tension moments, it also made it impossible to leave the game in any sort of timely fashion. The respawning convicts were definitely cheap, and I hated the giant red notification letters informing me that I had failed to save someone’s life. Add Otis calling non-stop and some tedious boss fights, the game felt more like a job to me than actual fun.

When I heard that Dead Rising 2 was being developed, there wasn’t much excitement to be found in my neck of the woods, yet as we grow closer to the release date and with more information being released, my attitude towards the game has gone from “not interested” to “curious”.

This article delves into the weapon creation system to found in the game which amounts to taping weapons together with duct tape. The weapon combinations have already been predefined by the developers, but from reading the article, it sounds like there quite a lot of options to be found. From the article:

But even my portable lawnmower broke down. Now, I was in tough straights. I ran around shooting zombies, but that type of slaughter wasn’t efficient enough. I ran into some police officers with shotguns but still with all the gruesomeness a shotgun to the face can do, I would still fall short. I ran around killing random zombies until I shot two who brought knives to a gun fight. It then struck me that I needed some sort of blade for another weapon. I picked both of them up and searched out for boxing gloves and found them at kiosk. I have no idea why they were there, but I needed them.

Back to the maintenance room I went. I got more duct tape, and after I was finished, I came out with knives attached to boxing gloves. This essentially made me a wannabe Wolverine. I sliced and diced more zombies. I was the best at what I did even though what I did wasn’t very nice. The claws seemed to be more efficient and last longer than the other weapons, and best of all, I had enough material for two of them.

One of the joys of the first game was all the intrinsic silliness to be found and this looks to ratchet it up. It would be pretty glorious indeed to wear a pimp suit then duct tape a chainsaw to a motorcycle helmet so you can headbutt zombies. It’s that type of gameplay that gets me into the game. Saving the world may be fine and all, but if I can do it in polka dotta boxers, then I’m sold.

I’m sure more info will be released in the coming months. The game is slated for release by the end of August, so sharpen your machete and get the duct tape ready.

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