What Would You Do? – Day Two: The Plague Spreads

The Plague SpreadsThere were some interesting answers to the last question. For those who forgot – the question of the hour was determine what you would do if you were going to a bar with your best friend and he or she showed signs of an infectious flu (possibly fatal) going around. Mind you, you have no idea that is flu has anything to do with zombies.

Dan decided to go with the subtle route in his post:

ask him to make a pitstop at the nearest fast food joint saying I need to get some food in my stomach before we start to get hammered. From there I’m doing something pretty similar to strife from there on out, I’m texting my sister to get me the Fuck outta there! If he offers me a ride like he probably would, I’d tell him naw man I’ll cab it go get loaded bud and call me tomorrow.

Zombie Regina decided to go with the direct approach:

Listen, a co-worker sneezes and I’m all “get the hell out of my office.” And that’s under normal circumstances. So if I’m hearing alarming news reports and my friend is clearly showing symptoms? Get thee to the ER and me, I’m heading back home.

While Kyle happily decided to stockpile weapons and equipment in preparation for Z-Day. From his extensive list, I’m guessing everyday is a zombie outbreak day for him ;)

Moving on to Day Two … The following morning, you read up on infection, finding it be spreading into all major cities. There has been no words on the potential effects of it although Twitter is abuzz with talks of casualties. Your (husband/wife/mother/father) is showing signs of the flu, and stays home. Your boss calls you at home, making sure you are coming into work since a lot of people are calling in sick.

What do you do?

Remember: You must answer this honestly. You must close your eyes and put yourself in the imagined situation and tell me what YOU would do. Not what you would want to do or what Max Brooks advises you to do.

Also note, zombies have not entered the picture. Think of this as another SARS outbreak. So what would you do?