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What Would You Do? – Day Two: The Plague Spreads

The Plague SpreadsThere were some interesting answers to the last question. For those who forgot – the question of the hour was determine what you would do if you were going to a bar with your best friend and he or she showed signs of an infectious flu (possibly fatal) going around. Mind you, you have no idea that is flu has anything to do with zombies.

Dan decided to go with the subtle route in his post:

ask him to make a pitstop at the nearest fast food joint saying I need to get some food in my stomach before we start to get hammered. From there I’m doing something pretty similar to strife from there on out, I’m texting my sister to get me the Fuck outta there! If he offers me a ride like he probably would, I’d tell him naw man I’ll cab it go get loaded bud and call me tomorrow.

Zombie Regina decided to go with the direct approach:

Listen, a co-worker sneezes and I’m all “get the hell out of my office.” And that’s under normal circumstances. So if I’m hearing alarming news reports and my friend is clearly showing symptoms? Get thee to the ER and me, I’m heading back home.

While Kyle happily decided to stockpile weapons and equipment in preparation for Z-Day. From his extensive list, I’m guessing everyday is a zombie outbreak day for him ;)

Moving on to Day Two … The following morning, you read up on infection, finding it be spreading into all major cities. There has been no words on the potential effects of it although Twitter is abuzz with talks of casualties. Your (husband/wife/mother/father) is showing signs of the flu, and stays home. Your boss calls you at home, making sure you are coming into work since a lot of people are calling in sick.

What do you do?

Remember: You must answer this honestly. You must close your eyes and put yourself in the imagined situation and tell me what YOU would do. Not what you would want to do or what Max Brooks advises you to do.

Also note, zombies have not entered the picture. Think of this as another SARS outbreak. So what would you do?

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20 Responses to "What Would You Do? – Day Two: The Plague Spreads"

  1. Salvador Satan says:

    I would probably be wary of the situation, but would probably go into work; Obviously this ‘flu’ is very contagious, and I don’t want to get it from my wife. Since I’ve always been a believer in the coming zombie apocalypse, I would conceal my pistol and my butterfly knife with me, and bring it into work. If anything goes on that screams zombie, I’m getting the hell out of the immediate area to someplace either secure at the time or to an area with massive amounts of weapons while keeping a distance from people so not to get attached to someone who was infected.

  2. Dan says:

    By this point I’m going into full outbreak mode this is when I make sure I’m prepared completely, begin to assemble my team and weed out any that would possibly be infected. If anyone I know may even potentially be sick they are out! I’m generally paranoid around sick people anyway, Even though Zombies have not entered the picture, I understand that this is a fast spreading virus that has been hinted lethal and thats enough for me to want to isolate myself from the rest of the worlds population. I’d most likely be leaving the city by 6pm that night. (I know what you’re thinking, but I made plans for almost every disaster including disease. I’m a bit weird sure, but at least I’m prepared). I would not stop going until I’m far from large city centers.

  3. Dan says:

    P.S. Anyone sick means anyone!! I don’t care if its my mom, my sister, any of my brothers even my son and wife. I don’t take care of anyone sick, cause I don’t want to get sick. My wife does, and when shes sick she wants me to keep away from er cause she knows I hate being sick. I’m also not going to work when there is a flu going around, especially if half of the people aren’t there due to that flu.

  4. DWoo says:

    I tell my boss “Yeah , sure I’m comin’ in … But you need to remember me when the reviews come around , I can’t be runnin’ everything by myself … haha … see you in a bit Boss . ” Then I hang up the phone and start to swear . Man , today was my only day off this week , bastards ! Then I’d go to work like nothing was happening . Sars , birdflu , swineflu … I was never afraid of any of them , never had any cases close enough to make me afraid of a new flu . So since zombies are not introduced yet … A simple boring reaction .

  5. I’d stay home and take care of my husband. Screw the job. Family is more important. This is kinda cheaty-face, since it’s almost exactly what I would have done on day 1. (Talk my friend into drinking at my place instead of going to the bar, since I was already exposed.)

  6. William says:

    You people are idiots. You’d do nothing. As proof, you did nothing every time this has ever happened in the past. Did you quit your job when SARS broke out? No. Did you home back on 9/11? No. Why? Because you live on the grid, and you have no idea how to get off the grid. If the day comes, you’ll get sick, just like me. You have no other choice that you’re willing to accept, just like me.

    1. c.c. says:

      you are so right

  7. I’m in the Marine Corps so of course I’d go to work. That’s where all the guns, MREs, free medical care, and cool zombie crushing vehicles are (not that there are zombies walking around yet).

  8. ashley says:

    i work at a truck stop. people are there from EVERYWHERE. since my folks or siblings were sick, i’d tell my boss i was sick and hide out in my room. and, just like now, i’d be thinking “please dont become a zombie…please dont be a zombie…please please PLEASE” and i’d be on my cell phone trying to find out how it was contracted.

  9. I’d go to work, but would wear a air mask and gloves to prevent infecion. i’d also have a small weapon on me, and have the gas topped of in the car just in case.

  10. Strife26 says:

    Considering that I work nights at a restaurant I’d be nervous. Unless it’s after July 28th, where I’ll be sitting happily in Ft Knox. I’d probably go to work, as per usual, planning to enjoy an ungodly slow night where I’ll get to do more than my normal busing, if we’re down staff. I’d wash my hands more than usual.

  11. Anna Sanchez says:

    Depends where I work. Small office building, maybe. Mall? No way. I’d probably just tell the boss I was sick, too. Then I’d kind of sneakily quarantine my parents in their room, while setting up a clean space in my room. I wasn’t bothered by swine flu or anything, but the lesions would be something that’d freak me out, and I’d take precautions.

  12. Andy Finch says:

    I would rather take the risk of my loved one becomeing sick then strangers. I would tell the Boss I am also really really sick lol. I would take care of my wife and worry more about her dying then becoming the living dead. I got my homemade lobo and my handgun so I am not really worried.

  13. c.c. says:

    day two….. William is the realistic one
    we live on the grid. the boss calls and say get your sorry ass to work. I am off to kiss my boss’s fat ass just the same as always. Oh yeah boss never shows ups for work. the boss is off in some taxpayer built bunker complete with golf course and hookers. I am at work getting infected and being a good litte boy.

  14. jennabea says:

    I’d go to work, if I had any. every time a big flu comes around my job tells us not to come in if our clients, special kids are sick and they wouldnt go to day care. but I would be extra cleanly aka gloves and masks if it was getting really big( bigger then the birdflu,swine flu,and all that)

  15. Kyle Lanser says:

    >From his extensive list, I’m guessing everyday is a zombie outbreak day for him ;)
    Not EVERY DAY :P ha ha
    Most of that list is just everyday living.

    ===Power outage’s happen. (at least yearly where I live)===
    When the power goes out your camping gear can provide you with camp stove and fuel for cooking. Second, everyone’s got candles and flashlights these are not magical items!

    ===Water goes out. (twice this winter already)===
    It’s just something you have to plan for. Having a few 5 Gallon water jugs is just prudent.

    – Having a few months worth of food is also just being responsible, what if money gets tight, you lose your job? A cheap 20lb bag of rice will last years, and feed you for months, dito for some pasta and flour.

    … I think this just proved i really do think about zombie outbreaks and disaster scenarios on a daily basis! lol, I’m a planner, its what I do… ;)

    So on with the show!

    > Moving on to Day Two …
    > Your boss calls you at home, making sure you are coming into work since a lot of people are calling in sick.
    >What do you do?

    I’m a software developer, I can work from home quite easily.
    For both SARS and then Swine Flu, my employer recommended that if I was at all worried about getting sick or being sick, it would be best if I worked from home. Around the time of SARS some people at work did get the common cold, and it was enough of a worry that me and most of the office just worked from home for a week.

    So my day wouldn’t be much different, wake up, have some Shreddies for breakfast maybe share some scrambled eggs and toast with my wife, then go to my home office and work for the day. curiously watching throughout the day to see if the situation escalates or dissolves.

  16. Ryan Kuhn says:

    tell him that i have the flu and i need to stay home, an then ill head over to my apartment and call my dad to see if hes ok

  17. Daniel says:

    tell them im sick and break out the sars mask(the doctor looking one) and make sure my moms ok

  18. Ziggeh the Zed Basher says:

    Ok… Even though Zed’s haven’t entered the picture yet, I would head to my safe house with my non-infected buddies, and wait it out. If I here of people eating people on the Ol’ Boob-Tube, I’m all Zed-Basher mode. Oh, and about my boss. I’d say the world is going down like the Titanic with not a lifeboat in sight, and tell him to stuff himself. Sincerely, Ziggeh.

  19. Ryan G-3 says:

    Enter Brother room, at this piont I am still emotional attached to my brother, But knowing the potentail a single resolution must be made. I tend to his fever with a wet cloth. Then wish him well and leave the room locking the inner lock as I exit. Goodbye bro:(

    I wouldn’t go to work, I’d stretch the efforts of the mind by putting together a backpack and shortrole of supplies that I would possibly need in the next 72 hours.

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