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What Would You Do? – Day One: The Initial Outbreak

Day of the DeadWaiting for your best friend to pick you up for a night of beers with good friends, you catch a news item informing of a strange new strain of flu that appears to be infecting neighboring cities at an alarming rate. The flu is very contagious with symptoms appearing only hours after the initial exposure. Symptoms include running noses, bloodshot eyes, and strange leisions appearing on the surface skin area. Some theorized the flue strain to be ultimately lethal, but it is only speculation. Doctors warn the patients should not go to the hospital, but rather stay at home so they don’t infect anyone else.

Your friends beeps in the driveway, and jump in his truck somewhat perturbed with the news that you just read. As the truck pulls out of the driveway, your friend sneezes, sending a long line of snot down from his nose. You turn on the cabin light to see his usual chipper countenance glistening with sweat. You see the tell tale lesions on his arms and neck. He says he is fine. Never felt better and that you shouldn’t waste a night of good friends over some media hype. You watch your driveway fade into the night as your friend double times it to the bar. In your gut, you know something terrible is about to happen.

What do you do?

Remember: You must answer this honestly. You must close your eyes and put yourself in the imagined situation and tell me what YOU would do. Not what you would want to do or what Max Brooks advises you to do.

Would you go to the hospital? Would you tell your friend to stop and get out of the car to avoid infection? Would you throw caution to the wind and start swilling the beers? How would deal with the beginning of the end?

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22 Responses to "What Would You Do? – Day One: The Initial Outbreak"

  1. Strife26 says:

    Text to another friend with request to call in personal emergency. Nicely extract self from situation, recommending my normal advice to get some more sleep, hot tea, and bed rest for my ailing buddy. Get home and get the stage one prep out of the way. I respond to me feelings.

  2. Listen, a co-worker sneezes and I’m all “get the hell out of my office.” And that’s under normal circumstances. So if I’m hearing alarming news reports and my friend is clearly showing symptoms? Get thee to the ER and me, I’m heading back home. What’s tough about this is that (like most of your readers), I know too much about this stuff and knowing what I know, would then swing immediately into apocalypse readiness mode.

    1. They just put sanitizer everywhere in my company that smells of death when someone uses it and everyone has still been getting sick so your office policy sounds like a good one. I’d take it one step further and install an airlock :)

      The real question … outside of stocking up on water and ammunition, can anyone truly be ready for an apocalypse? I don’t know what I’d do once the bodies start piling up.

  3. Dan says:

    ask him to make a pitstop at the nearest fast food joint saying I need to get some food in my stomach before we start to get hammered. From there I’m doing something pretty similar to strife from there on out, I’m texting my sister to get me the Fuck outta there! If he offers me a ride like he probly would, I’d tell him naw man I’ll cab it go get loaded bud and call me tomorrow. Directly after I’m getting prepared, start to gather up my team, let them know what happened/ happening.

    1. The old one two. I agree with you and would probably do the same. I’d have my buddy drive me back to my place and tell him to get some sleep ASAP. Then I’d probably end the night either combing the news or reading a book.

  4. wiccanz says:

    i would never get into the car in the first place but will not rewrite the story. Soooo… I would make the driver stop and immediately get out of the car. By that time it may be too late, but I would go home gather as much food and items that could kill someone and start with the plan I have already made.

    1. That’s a totally valid response and as I post these updates, by all means, feel free to rewrite them to suit your situation.

  5. JP says:

    Depending on how severe the new virus sounded to me from the newscast, I may not have ever gotten in the truck – I’d probably stay home. So I am with Wiccanz.

    If I did get in the truck and noticed my buddy had the symptoms, I would get out of the vehicle immediately.

  6. Kyle Lanser says:

    >and start with the plan I have already made.

    Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse means Planning to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse. All the leg work happened before the Apocalypse began; Food, Water, Ammo, Tools, etc, etc…

    Before it all began, you should have already stocked the safe-house with:
    A. Food – A couple of months worth
    B. Water – A couple of months worth
    C. Fuel – enough for cooking & sanitizing
    D. Medicine – Gotta stay healthy, no more hospitals.
    E. Lighting – Candles, Oil Lamps, Flashlights
    F. Clothing – Enough to stay warm without heating.
    G. Books & Board Games – Cabin Fever is Real.
    H. Blockade Tools – Saw, Hammer, Nails, plywood & 2×4’s
    I. Weapons – Personal choice, depends on location.

    As of Z-Day 1, survival is pretty boring.

    ====Z-Day 1====
    1. [Get to a Safe House]
    Have friend drive me home, and tell him to get some rest.
    2. [Quarantine yourself]
    Lock the doors & windows.
    3. [Wait]
    Wait for situation to escalate or dissolve.

    1. Pretty sure one of the stipulations was specifically NOT turning to Max Brooks. :p

      1. Kyle Lanser says:

        Pretty sure I didn’t. :p

        I just wrote that off the top of my head.

  7. We’re talking real life, right? I’m not sure what I’d do. It probably depends on how close I am to the friend. I might suggest that we just hang out at my place instead, since I’ve already been exposed if it’s air born…

  8. The “tell tale lesions on his arms and neck” would be the show stopper for me. Sneezing and sweating are pretty normal human functions but breaking out in sores just can’t be a good sign. My response: “Dude, have you looked at yourself? You need to see a doctor because those crazy sores are just not right.” At that point it would be time to exit the vehicle and obsess all night about whether or not I caught the bug.

  9. Anna Sanchez says:

    I’d be like “Hey I don’t feel well, drop me off at my house, ‘kay?” Then I’d go home and take a shower with some Hibicleanse, even though that might not REALLY do anything, I’d feel sanitized and therefore safer.

  10. c.c. says:

    Anna Sanchez, Brian (A World on Fire),are the most realistic .I mean 9 out 10 are gonna do squat. I am just gonna be like the rest of the sheep and depend on the authorities to save my ass. Wish i could say i be like superman but that not honest. The ordinary joe or jo live is over.

  11. jennabea says:

    hmmmm in real life I would tell my friend I cant play tonight because if I get sick I’ll have to miss work and I don’t wanna do that.

  12. Kitty says:

    Honestly as much I hate to say it…I would in fact through caution to the wind and still go out…which I’m sure someday I shall regret…

  13. Ryan Kuhn says:

    I tell him to stop the car because i forgot something at home,and then after i get out of my house that im feeling sick and id rather stay home, ill tell him to pick up some chicks and forget me tonight, then i’ll go to the store pick up some med supplies and a movie and wait it out to find out if hes ok

  14. Daniel says:

    i’d scoot as far away from him as possible in the car, and when we got to the bar i’d be like “hey imma go to the restroom real quick” then split and call someone to pick me up lol

  15. Ziggeh the Zed Basher says:

    Well, I’m only a young teen, so I doubt I’d be in this situation, but I would get him to drive us to his house, and barricade him in a room. I would take his truck, and drive to my house, get my spear, Zed survival kit, and pick up my non-infected buddies. After gathering my supplies, buddies, and weapons, I would head to my safehouse. There, I would wait out the initial chaos, emerging only after I stop hearing screams, or run out of food. Then, I would march to the blade/gun store, grab some weapons, and go zombie huntin’.
    That’s my plan in a nut-shell. And, yes, I can fire a gun of .308 magnum caliber. So long, fellow meat sacks. -Ziggeh the Z Basher.

  16. Ryan G-3 says:

    - Tell friend,pull over equset that I’ll drive, as he and I exit, I quickly enter the vehicle and lock the doors, I assume the drivers seat and begin my search for something more…. DAY 2

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