What Would You Do? – Day One: The Initial Outbreak

Day of the DeadWaiting for your best friend to pick you up for a night of beers with good friends, you catch a news item informing of a strange new strain of flu that appears to be infecting neighboring cities at an alarming rate. The flu is very contagious with symptoms appearing only hours after the initial exposure. Symptoms include running noses, bloodshot eyes, and strange leisions appearing on the surface skin area. Some theorized the flue strain to be ultimately lethal, but it is only speculation. Doctors warn the patients should not go to the hospital, but rather stay at home so they don’t infect anyone else.

Your friends beeps in the driveway, and jump in his truck somewhat perturbed with the news that you just read. As the truck pulls out of the driveway, your friend sneezes, sending a long line of snot down from his nose. You turn on the cabin light to see his usual chipper countenance glistening with sweat. You see the tell tale lesions on his arms and neck. He says he is fine. Never felt better and that you shouldn’t waste a night of good friends over some media hype. You watch your driveway fade into the night as your friend double times it to the bar. In your gut, you know something terrible is about to happen.

What do you do?

Remember: You must answer this honestly. You must close your eyes and put yourself in the imagined situation and tell me what YOU would do. Not what you would want to do or what Max Brooks advises you to do.

Would you go to the hospital? Would you tell your friend to stop and get out of the car to avoid infection? Would you throw caution to the wind and start swilling the beers? How would deal with the beginning of the end?