Dead Rising Movie in the Works

Dead RisingI remember in the summer of 2006, the recently released XBox was in a bit of a dry patch. The system had been out for less than a year and there was only a few good games for it. When Dead Rising was released, it was like stepping into the promised land. Good graphics. Hungry zombies. Plenty of action.

I enjoyed the game at the time being there simply wasn’t anything else to play (except Geometry Wars) but playing it again a few months ago, I remember why I didn’t like it. There was the constant ringing phone, the respawning convicts, the horrific save system, not to mention lame boss fights. It seemed like there was always a survivor that needed to be saved so I felt like Lucy in that famous scene where she is overwhelmed working on an assembly line. Ultimately I stopped playing because the game felt too much work with too little payoff.

The one thing I did like about the game was the actual story. It was pretty clever with the cult in the mall and the psychotic clown dude. Well, some of the folks at Capcom liked the story so much, they decided to make a movie about it. This is no ordinary movie. This is a Japanese horror cheese fest which looks inadvertently hilarious. According to the linked article, we won’t be seeing this in the theaters or even close to anything resembling a DVD. This bad boy is being distributed straight over XBox Live and the official site (which I think is a pretty good idea).

When it is released, I’ll make sure to do a followup. Until then …

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