Left 4 Dead before there was Left 4 Dead

Unreleased Zombie GameJust imagine. In some alternate dimension, the excellent game of Bioshock would be slated for some nebulous release (although completely different) and Left 4 Dead would be considered a pale knock of a game called Division 9. That’s how history might have played out had Irritational Games decided to greenlight their own first person zombie shooter. Instead, I get to kill zombies with a skillet.

Here’s the scoop according to GamePro:

Division 9 was planned by Irrational after the company completed SWAT 4, but before they finished BioShock, which places the game’s development around 1996 or so. GI goes into great detail about the gameplay methods (which seem to be more “stay put and survive” than Left 4 Dead’s “keep moving to find salvation”) in their article, which you can find here.

Btw, there looks to be typo. I’m guessing the author meant 2006 instead of 1996. Still, interesting for sure.

Irrational Games reveals pre-L4D unreleased zombie FPS (gamepro.com <- new window)