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Dawn of the Dead 2?

Dawn of the Dead 2I was just browsing over at (great site, btw) when this article grabbed my eye, and rammed it through a long splinter. Maybe that wasn’t the appropriate metaphor, but the site is reporting that Dawn of the Dead 2 is currently in talks. This makes total sense, and to tell you the truth, I’m surprised it has taken this long for these talks to surface. After all, the remake of Dawn of the Dead was the highest grossing zombie film of all time.

From the article:

Further, director Zack Snyder told SCI FI Wire that Universal Pictures has already approached him to make a follow-up to his hit zombie remake Dawn of the Dead, but that the movie won’t be a remake of George Romero’s own sequel, Day of the Dead. Snyder said, “It’s fascinating, because it’s the sequel to our movie. I was like, ‘We should do a sequel to Day’, but they weren’t interested.”

But here’s the thing … would Dawn of the Dead 2 take place in a mall, or it would be following the adventures of other survivors in some other place? The hook of Dawn of the Dead was the mall and removing the mall from the equation sort of removes a large portion of the movie’s identity. Would Dawn of the Dead still be Dawn of the Dead without a mall?

What do you think? Would you see a new Dawn of the Dead if it didn’t take place in a mall?

Dawn of the Dead 2 in the Works ( <- new window)

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17 Responses to "Dawn of the Dead 2?"

  1. michael says:

    i think it is a great idea, i think they should have the survivors from the first when the reach the island find more survivors, and either hide out on the island or continue looking for a safer place.

    1. jesse says:

      i agree thats an awsome idea lol never thought of that hope they make a second one

  2. luke says:

    It’s time to get over the mall thing…In my opinion, if they are going to continue from th original, that it take place in somewhere much more exotic to start with and it can evolve from there. I’m thinking some kind of either regular abandoned army base or they discover an abandoned secret base while trying to get oil in an abandoned airfield…from there they realize that there is a secret gathering of people who lived and are planniing some way to meet up and escape so they try to follow but its really far and they have to land in the most extreme places and meet with people and people die etc etc, but basically it’s about making it to this extreme location, only way there is by helicopter?

  3. Zombie fan says:

    We need a zombie movie where there is not slot of TALK TAlK … We need more zombie action and more guns and more military setting up road blocks.. Oh and please don’t make all the zombies run fast. Cause the last movie they all run the same and they run like in the olimpics. We need slow zombies..or crippled zombies and crawlers. And better zombie sounds. Cause in last movie the zombies sound like dinasaours from jaurassic park. We need a perfect scary and bloody gore zombie movie with action all the way.

    1. stew says:

      i think it would be epic but why slow the zombies down? universal want a sequel to the dotd remake, they want snyders style of zombie not Romeros, plus i thought the sounds snyders zombies made where more chilling.not slagging Romero off never would he’s the godfather of this genre afterall and i love DOTD 1978 it was ahead of its time, but unfortunatly anything that followed was terrible ie 1980’s, time to move on and explore more what ifs,roll on Dawn of the Dead 2 lets just start where we left of and enjoy the thrill ride

    2. Benji X says:

      Jurassic Zombie Park? Violent ass zombies, AND violent ass dinosaurs.
      Zombies make it scary, dinosaurs make it gory, complete action escaping from both of them?

    3. Rick-o says:

      Fast running zombies make the movie more exciting. If they were all slow n shit the survivors could just walk around them, where would all the excitment be??? I’d like to see you get eaten by a zombie you ass.

  4. SaturnFX says:

    Dawn of the dead (remake) was actually quite brilliant…I was skeptical due to being a fan of the original cheesefest, however, I was suprised overall at its quality.

    Some things (should they ever make a DOTD2) would be the downplayed aspects that was quite popular (Andy’s solitary existance a stones throw away for instance).

    Although it would be nice to have some time for peaceful existance (the island once cleared out offers that), eventually they are going to need supplies from a mainland. the original DOTD had a pretty intense metro area, so that should be explored. Of course hunting for more survivors just because its the right thing to do to get em back to the island, there are alot of places it could go.

    But its now midway through 2011, so I can only assume the talks stalled…well,maybe someone will pick up the concept…just keep it drama and intense…avoid cheese (the living zombie head in the cooler = cheese btw)

    Also, try something different…a cure..but something you need to administer over a day or you gotta capture and hold one..would be an interesting dilemma..shoot or capture..and what would zombie turned alive again think/feel…would they remember? would they feel hijacked by this parasite in their own body, etc..

  5. mike says:

    i think that the zombies running fast is a better thing because it makes it more faster pace quicker thinking and quicker reactions which in turn makes for a better movie i am a huge fan of the mall settings because honestly if this really did happen a mall is where you’ll find me at; you have everything you need inside. they need to make a sequel because there hasn’t been any good zombie movies coming out lately except for the resident evil series. bigger guns, more realistic reloading, better vehicles, scarier setting hospitols etc.

    thanks hope to see this come out soon

  6. Zombie fan says:

    Reply to ” Oh and please don’t make all the zombies run fast. Cause the last movie they all run the same and they run like in the olimpics. We need slow zombies..or crippled zombies and crawlers.”

    Geez I totally disagree I Like fast zombies it makes it more scary.. caus a fast zombie can be a slow zombie but a slow zombie can’t be a fast zombie.

    :) hope DOTD 2 comes out soon.

  7. Terry butler says:

    definitely need anotther dawn of the dead with fast zombies. slow ones are boring.

  8. liv2zombify says:

    All of you Zombie fans have to remember…that these zombies are ATROPHYING….!!!! they are DEAD…nothing is getting better,,,it`s getting worse…zombies are and SHOULD be S L O W ….that`s the scary thing about it…a live person should be able to have a chance against 20 to 30 zombies because they are so slow…However…and as the ” Walking Dead”… has made mention of ( and it really makes sense ) Zombies do NOT GET TIRED…….this needs to be factored into a GOOD script…You may be able to outrun a zombie….but it wont last because a HUNGRY zombie is RELENTLES….this would be scary…cardio is a must for survival…a military base theme would be a lot like DAY… and DAY does rule…but Dawn 2 has 2 be started from the landing of the island..and if my memory serves…the landing wasn`t a very happy ending… it looked as though that the survivors were doomed…sad ..because there was a good start to a continuing story there….I`m open for suggestions here…let me know…..There`s a lot of money to be made from this story if the right people take it on…THX…JCS

  9. Robert says:

    I recall reading some publication that DOTD2 (sequel to DOTD 1978) was being kicked around. Apparently Fran and Peter fly their way to a safe haven military compound in Cleveland. Tony Todd (Candyman and Final Destination series) was mentioned to replace Ken Foree as Peter. Interesting to see how this all plays out. The unborn child of Fran (or could the child be very young?) Either way the remote island and military compound scenario have played themselves out. I hope to see a new or fresh idea. What do you think?

  10. Ed Nok says:

    I like the idea that fresh zombies can move fast since the muscles are still in “fresh” state, but as a zombie progressively begins to rot and decay, the muscles are affected and the zombies should slow accordingly.
    Luke, have you seen the “resident evil series”? you pretty much summed that series up in what you want to see here.
    There are many good ideas to make an original zombie movie left out there without remaking or copying what has already been done before.

  11. lochlan says:

    it 11/7/12 not out

  12. Erica says:

    My god this is driving me insane still waiting dotd2 and yet they have made 5 movies of Resident Evil but hey i am a fan of Resident Evil but i have been waiting for 8yrs for the 2nd dotd2 common guys get a move on we need a sequel

  13. zombilla says:

    they should make a sequel. new cast new plot i think fast moving zombies is the way to go. make the sequel as the same time as the first one was happening. maybe on the third one they meet up with the sorvivors from the first one on the island and work together…?

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