Dawn of the Dead 2?

Dawn of the Dead 2I was just browsing over at ZombieZoneNews.com (great site, btw) when this article grabbed my eye, and rammed it through a long splinter. Maybe that wasn’t the appropriate metaphor, but the site is reporting that Dawn of the Dead 2 is currently in talks. This makes total sense, and to tell you the truth, I’m surprised it has taken this long for these talks to surface. After all, the remake of Dawn of the Dead was the highest grossing zombie film of all time.

From the article:

Further, director Zack Snyder told SCI FI Wire that Universal Pictures has already approached him to make a follow-up to his hit zombie remake Dawn of the Dead, but that the movie won’t be a remake of George Romero’s own sequel, Day of the Dead. Snyder said, “It’s fascinating, because it’s the sequel to our movie. I was like, ‘We should do a sequel to Day’, but they weren’t interested.”

But here’s the thing … would Dawn of the Dead 2 take place in a mall, or it would be following the adventures of other survivors in some other place? The hook of Dawn of the Dead was the mall and removing the mall from the equation sort of removes a large portion of the movie’s identity. Would Dawn of the Dead still be Dawn of the Dead without a mall?

What do you think? Would you see a new Dawn of the Dead if it didn’t take place in a mall?

Dawn of the Dead 2 in the Works (zombiezonenews.com <- new window)