Interview with We’re Alive Creators Kc Wayland and Shane Stalk – Part One

We're AliveWe’re Alive is the best zombie audio production out there today. Conceived and produced by two friends with a passion for film and zombies, We’re Alive is a stunning achievement of a production that juggles a score of characters in a world gone to hell. Listening to this show is bittersweet. One moment, I’m captivated by the many characters and the web of relationships. The next moment, the show ends and I have to wait for the next episode.

Series creators KC Wayland and Shane Stalk took time out of their schedule to answer some questions that I sent to them about the series.

Note … if you haven’t listened to this show yet, stop reading and head over here. The shows are free to download.

Who are the creators of the series and what is the inspiration?
Kc Wayland and Shane Salk are the creators of We’re Alive. We went to Chapman University together where Shane received his BFA in Theatre Performance and Kc earned a BFA in Writing and Directing. We quickly leaned that our creative skills ideally compliment each other. Shane is a gifted actor/comedian and Kc is an idea generating tech-wiz. During our time at Chapman, we made many student films and projects. We were working on a screenplay and realized that our characters and story were limited by the medium. The inspiration for a series struck. Kc, having always loved the zombie genre and having been in the Army, came up with the basic idea for We’re Alive. When discussing the limitations of a student film with Shane, he was reminded of the considered-dead media of Radio Dramas: a media he grew up enjoying and takes from much of his acting muse.

Do the cast enjoy zombie films?
Yes. Some do and some don’t. It’s kind of a mix. We filled our cast with talented actors, not necessarily people who were existing fans of the genre. We can tell you, however, that a few cast members have reopened a newfound love for zombies.

What are some of the favorites?
Our favorites are Fido, Dawn of the Dead, Sean of The Dead, and Night of The Living Dead.

What are the challenges in writing for a purely audio medium?
The largest challenge in writing an audio drama is that in most cases, more dialogue is necessary than what is natural. There’s a delicate dichotomy between using sound effects and dialogue to illustrate and image.

Did you have a particular audience in mind for this series?
We’re Alive is intended for those who love stories about character development. That is our biggest goal for this piece: to tell a great character story. While we expect to attract lovers of the zombie genre, we do not intend to limit our audience to that specific of culture (though we belong to it). We want to remain open for all audiences.

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